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COVID-19 Pandemic ; How Is LA County Meeting The Health Needs Of Its Residents?

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As the COVID -19 pandemic surges on, Angelenos are feeling the wrath as reports indicate a consistent climb in deaths and hospitalization. ICUs are almost at capacity and so to mitigate the spread and deaths occurring as a result if this crisis, LA County is on a mission to assist all its residents including immigrants regardless of legal status.

At a conference  call hosted by Ethnic Media Services, county officials shared resources available for immigrant communities.The community partnerships and programs director for the county Department of Health Services, Anna Gorman (,)shared the dire statistics facing hospitals. Under her supervision the county is doing its best to fill the needs and gaps in rendering services to all who need assistance. These resources will be  provided to everyone including the undocumented through Medical- Obamacare, or ACA, and for those who do not qualify, My Health LA is an option for Los Angeles County residents.

To access information on eligibility for My Health LA, please call (877) 333-4952.

COVID-19 Pandemic ; How Is LA County Meeting The Health Needs Of Its Residents?

L-R:Anna Gorman, Miriam Brown, Sherri Cheatham

Deputy director of the Department of Mental Health, Miriam Brown, shared that her department  in partnership with My Health LA program, was ramping up their efforts in the community as well by phone at  (800) 854-7771. Callers could seek help without sharing their names or immigration status information. The situation caused by the pandemic has caused a spike in depression  and suicide thoughts in many people as a result o fthe intense stress brought on by this health crisis.

Chief of Medi-Cal and In-Home Supportive Services for the Department of Public Social Services, Sherri Cheatham shared that people who had already been dealing with depression have been particularly hit hard. She also shared that Medi-Cal offers a full range of services for undocumented immigrant children and young adults up to the age of 25

More information about these resources can be found at or (866) 613-3777.

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