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facebook 300x227 1Social media is one of the best methods to grow and communicate with your audience on a daily basis.We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class modern video production, media planning & distribution, influencer marketing and more.

We focus on the key platforms where your fans are active and constantly assess the data to drive real results.

Below are our digital and social media services tailored to suit our clients.

  • Evaluation

The most effective digital marketing takes a look at the big picture in addition to individual touch points like tweets and videos. We take a deep dive into your long-term online strategy to determine the best way to grow your audience and convert them into loyal brand enthusiasts.

  1. TWITTER 300x113 1Online Presence
  2. Website
  3. Mobile Website
  4. Website Marketing Funnel
  5. Social Media Channels
  • Advertising Package

Pinterest 300x117 1Facebook and Twitter now have very robust advertising platforms with unmatched targeting capabilities. If you are looking to drive more engagement, likes, followers, traffic, app installations and more these opportunities can’t be ignored.

  • Creative development of ads
  • Find users based on their interests
  • Target location, age, gender, topics and more
  • Only pay for engagements, likes, followers, clicks or whatever your campaign goal is.
  • Instagram 300x227 1Detailed campaign reporting
  • Social Media Package
    (Set up, fix, manage your business social media channels)
  1. Facebook business page
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

YouTube 300x187 1Our scope includes:

  • Page/Profile Optimization
  • Daily Content Updates
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Monthly Reports & Analysis
  • Highly targeted ad campaign

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