About The Immigrant Magazine

Our mission

The Immigrant Magazine, Inc. is a multi-media corporation that specializes in the development and distribution of media that focuses on the United States growing and ever-changing ethnic population. As the voice of the American immigrant we provide this audience with publications that will enhance their experience in America and forums to address their unique concerns and interests.

The City of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times, NPR ,VOA  Annenburg Radio, and many others recognize The Immigrant Magazine as the legitimate Voice of the immigrant community in the US.

Core values

#1 Marketing Company For Immigrant Communities In The USA

The Immigrant Magazine is a media platform that focuses on generating and distributing quality content about contributions of all immigrants to the American society as well as uncovering their lifestyles and experiences.  The editorial content covers such topics as immigration, education, career, business, entertainment, travel, family, culture, profiles of immigrant achievers and celebrities. 
It is a great medium for any business or organization looking forward to sharing information about their services to immigrant communities.

In business since 2004, the company has attained the capacity to niche target within the diverse immigrant communities using  multiple platforms, community relations, influencers, social media, online editorial, a weekly email newsletter, events and public relations.