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Congresswoman Karen Bass Makes History As First Female Mayor of Los Angeles

Congresswoman Karen Bass Makes History As First Female Mayor of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Immigrants Help Carry Her To The Finish Line

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Los Angeles makes history by electing its first female mayor Karen Bass on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. Mayor-elect Karen Bass’ victory is a celebration of epic proportions for its historical significance given the uphill battle she faced in a David and Goliath battle against billionaire shopping mall magnate, Rick Caruso, a former Republican turned Democrat.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Bass a lifelong Democrat never wavered in her convictions of prevailing over this giant, as she pressed on echoing, “we will win” to her supporters even when polls showed a tight race which was propelled into the national spotlight as Caruso spent $100million of his own money in a barrage of ads on all media platforms. 

In her first address on Thursday as Mayor Elect, Bass a six-term congresswoman representing South and West Los Angeles credits her victory to, “being a coalition builder “. Her strong coalition of black, Latino, Asian, white progressives and immigrant groups is the reason for her success and is the same strategy she intends to use to lead Los Angeles to better days.

This is welcome news to immigrants and immigrant groups like The Africans In America Alliance (AAA) and The Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC), who worked tirelessly to get Africans and people of African descent to support Karen’s efforts to become the first woman and second black person to become Mayor of Los Angeles behind Tom Bradley. Through her, they hope for a more inclusive leadership that will erase the history of discriminatory practices and policies that have in the past marginalized communities of color and immigrants.

Angelenos resoundingly rejected the platform proposed by Caruso trusting instead Bass’ years of experience as a state legislator, civil rights activism, and multi-racial unity in a city dominated by immigrants and people of all ethnic backgrounds. Bass says she plans to hit the ground running on day one tackling homelessness, crime, corruption at City Hall, and the many challenges that have recently plagued the city. 

Her challenger Rick Caruso in his concession speech pledged to work with her to tackle these issues and bring Los Angeles to more glorious days.

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