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A.D.C. – Oduwa’s Kingdom Increases: Linking to African Decentralized Currency


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10 REASONS WHY EVERY CRYPTO-CURRENCY BUYER MUST HAVE AN OWC IN HIS/HER WALLETThe roadmap to wealth, “ODUWA” was born out of the genius need for its developers and founders to bring stability and asset protection in the crypto-currency market. However, as the project developed, the team in their quest to create a state of the art ODUWA exchange that would offer asset protection for crypto-currencies, created its own blockchain ledger technology to underpin the native currency Oduwa coin, “OWC” as a symbol of the kingdom’s power, trust and wealth through trade. OWC “Is Alive and Born To Live Forever On The Blockchain”, making digital currency very simple to use and accessible to everyone in all regions of Africa and assisting the 1.2 billion people that are still financially underserved. Oduwa Coin is the re-birth of a trust economy from the ancient Benin Kingdom where trading was the order of day. Oduwa Coin is creating the future today with seamless payment scenarios the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc. on a private permissioned blockchain.

Here are 10 reasons why every crypto-currency buyer must have an OWC in his/her wallet.

  1. ODUWA COIN is completely decentralized with no central authority and price depends on demand and supply. However, most currencies do not limit the supply of their tokens. In this regard, the total amount of ODUWA issued is only 21 million. Therefore OWC supply will decrease in time and that also explains why OWC value will be higher as compared to its counterparts.
  2. Private Permissioned Blockchain that is feasible, allowing users to get back to the network when the password is lost or forgotten after strong authentication, with the help of an  administrator to minimize the risk of losing your wallet completely.
  3. Peer-to-peer technology function focused on making crypto-currency easy to use. ODUWA is growing into a large, engaging and decentralized community in today’s blockchain space and adding new users every day.
  4. Zero transaction fees, create account, add and send currency to and from your wallet. Store, send and receive OWC with zero-fees.
  5. In Oduwa, everyone has a voice and the ability to propose boundless projects within the network. A community designed to empower each other; ODUWA COIN is driven by a selfless and fearless devotion to democracy, fairness, trust-economy, equality, self-governance, no-hierarchy and love for all mankind.
  6. Oduwa is the new economic truth, immutable, scalable with irrefutable ledger technology.
  7. No-double spending. Secured and Private.
  8. Oduwa coin is the patent process for Oduwa Exchange. You can trade Oduwa with no- fees on its exchange.
  9. Easy liquidation.
  10. ODUWA COIN is designed to enable financial inclusion, giving the user the opportunity to be a gainer within short-term acquisition.

Join ODUWA community of wealth at to open your wallet and change your future today. Join telegram and become part of the community of wealth at

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