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2016 BET Experience Fan Fest-The Future of Rap and Neo-Soul

2016 BET Experience Fan Fest-The Future of Rap and Neo-Soul
2016 BET Experience Fan Fest-The Future of Rap and Neo-Soul


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BET Networks has returned to the area to take over the city, musically. People noticed signage around town in the form of banners, billboards on buses, bus benches, buildings, print, radio and television announcements and the old fashion postcards, flyers from the marketing and promotions street team members.

This is the fourth year for the BET in Los Angeles. It has grown from its humble beginning entertaining 10,000 in the parking lots across from L.A. LIVE. The crowd has swelled to ten times the original attendance.

The 2016 BET Experience commandeered the entire property of L.A. LIVE including the Staples Center, Los Angeles Convention Center, Microsoft Square and NOVO.

I’m sure that officials will not object to me stating that this is one of, if not the largest celebration of Black Music Month, aka, African American Heritage Music Celebration in Los Angeles.

The BET Experience at L.A. LIVE presented by Coca-Cola was held Thursday, June 23rd through Sunday, June 26, 2016. Teaming up with AEG, the world’s leading sports and live entertainment company and developer/operator of L.A. LIVE and Staples Center.

The BET Experience at L.A. LIVE presented by Coca-Cola featured some of today’s hottest artists as well as a plethora of young up and coming artists making tremendous waves in the music and entertainment industry.

The four-day fest showcased the best of music, comedy and entertainment. Interactive activations, a celebrity basketball game, Slam Dunk Contest, Sneaker Con, inspiring Genius Talks, Beauty tips and a Fashion Show.  All of these wonderful events took place during the free BET Experience Fan Fest on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Walking around the floor of the Convention Center, it was apparent everyone was there to have a good time while receiving beauty tips, witness celebrity B-ballers, be inspired during the Genius Talks, walk away with bags of swag from the Sponsors and most definitely, get their groove on with the many artists set to perform on the various stages.

Saturday, I took in the sights and sounds held on the Coca-Cola Music Studio Stage. BET Networks has found and tapped into the fountain of youth, on this lovely afternoon.

The future of neo-soul, soul, R&B, hip-hop, and rap continue to flourish into the future as evident by the talented group of performers showcased on the Coca-Cola Music Studio Stage.

DJ Bova was at the helm of the ones and twos spinning some old school and new school tracks in between acts and served as Mistress of Ceremony.

Several artists brought the brilliant sounds of A-Town (Atlanta) to the 2016 BET Experience presented by Coca-Cola. Singer/Songwriter Ingrid the rapper kicked off the live entertainment on the Coca-Cola Music Studio Stage powered by BET Experience. Ingrid sent a strong surge throw the crowd during her set on the tunes “Double Pedigree” this is an uplifting, inspiring tune that many of the young ladies could relate to. She continued her set with “The Thang Call Love,” “F.A.D,” and concluded her set with “Flex.” She is one of the many talented artists assigned to Queen Bey’s Record Label Parkwood Entertainment.

2016 BET Experience Fan Fest-The Future of Rap and Neo-Soul

Tye Tribett

DJ Khaled came on stage for a quick selfie with the audience in the background. Jacquees worked the crowd into frenzy with anticipation of his performance. He stormed onto the stage, welcomed by his adoring, screaming fans. He delivered a high energy, powerful set that left the crowd screaming for an encore.

Next to perform were Kodie Shane, aka “DonBaby.” Kodie Shane is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and an all-around entertainer from A-Town (Atlanta). She took the BET Experience Fan Fest by storm on the tunes “Dip in my Walk,” and “Hands Up.”

Chloe and Halle are sisters from A-Town (Atlanta). They were the darlings of the BET Experience Fan Fest performing on multiple platforms. These talented sisters are also assigned to Queen Bey’s Record Label, Parkwood Entertainment. Chloe plays piano and Halle the guitar. They favored tunes from the debut EP Sugar Symphony. Their sweet soothing voices soared over the Convention Center on the tunes “Drop,” “Fall,” “Thunder,” “Red Lights,” and “Lazy Love” to dazzle the captivated audience.

Closing out today’s program were Jovanie with a set of hard driving original tunes including “What’s the Move,” “Ooh Girl,” and “Whip.”

I returned to the BET Experience presented by Coca-Cola on Sunday, June 26, 2016. Many patrons showed up in their Sunday’s best after attending an earlier service at their House of Worship. Devon Franklin had a discussion with Kirk Franklin as part of the Genius Talks at BET Experience. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, the rumbling that you felt in and around the Convention Center were due to the spirited hand clapping, foot stomping, handkerchief waving sounds of Gospel music. Yes, y’all, we are having church up in here (Los Angeles Convention Center). Devon Franklin served as Master of Ceremony/Pastor. Several top notch gospel vocalists delivered uplifting songs of praise and hope that found their way to the hearts and souls of the crowd. The Gospel Showcase featured the talents of Jason McGhee & The Choir, Tim Bowman Jr., Anthony Brown & group the APy, the amazing spoken word artist Ezekiel, Tasha Cobb joined by Jason McGhee & The Choir, and Tye Tribbett presented by JG Wentworth.

The 2016 BET Experience concluded with a star-studded celebration during the BET Awards.

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