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Women’s History Month: Recognizing The Achievements of Immigrant Women

Women’s History Month: Recognizing The Achievements of Immigrant Women

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National Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s accomplishments as well as their contributions to American history, culture, and society. 

In the US, Congress designated March as Women History Month in 1987. Since then, many American organizations, schools, and agencies celebrate women’s history month by constantly highlighting unnoticed and underestimated efforts of women in American society. 

Similarly, other countries also adopted this tradition of acknowledging the efforts of women. Communities and libraries in various countries arrange the promotion of special events to particularly focus on the hard work of women.

However, this month provides us with the opportunity to honor the struggle and contributions of immigrant women, who otherwise occasionally get recognition for their splendid efforts. There are more than 21 million immigrant women residing in the US. They made major contributions to the society, economy, and local communities over the years and played a vital role in changing American society socially, economically, and politically. 

Moreover, immigrant women carried with them the idea of retaining home countries’ ethnic values in the new world which helped shape the unique and interesting aspects of American culture. 

Let’s meet some successful immigrant women from the less developed regions of Africa, Latina America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Mexico who added great value to American society. 

Dolores Huerta – Mexican-American Labor Activist

She stood on the front line to safeguard the rights of farmworkers, mainly the immigrants. She also actively participated in improving the economic conditions of Hispanic communities. She and her fellow activists formed the National Farm Workers Association. She stood against the usage of harmful pesticides and protested for the rights of farmworkers. Her efforts resulted in the establishment of a 3-year employment contract for workers, and healthcare and unemployment provision for Agricultural workers.

 Alessandra Ambrosio – Brazilian-American Actress, Businesswoman 

She is known for her work with Victoria’s Secret and she served as a model for many renowned designers like Ralph Lauren and Next. She was also on number 5th as highest-paid model in Forbes list. She is known as an icon.

Maya Angelou – African-American, Poet, Civil Right Activist

She wrote seven autobiographies, essay books, and as well as many books of poetry. She won many awards for her work and credits for A-list plays. She is the first African-American woman who directed a major motion picture in 1998 named Down in the Delta.

Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu – Asian-American Physicist 

She is known as the first lady of physics, and perhaps the most vital figure in the history of physics. She was the first woman to be appointed as a faculty member at Princeton. She helped in the creation of the atomic bomb. Her research focused on increasing uranium and detecting radiation.

Rihanna – Caribbean-American Singer, Businesswomen

She is known for her contribution to the music and fashion industry and she has been actively involved in humanitarian work. She also acted and performed in various movies. She is known to be the first black woman to lead the luxury brand named LVMH. She also introduced her own cosmetic brand named Fenty Beauty.

Final Words 

Few enlisted examples explain a tiny portion of immigrant women’s role in reforming American culture. Many Women from various origins worked very hard to create American Society in its present shape. 

During this National Women’s History Month, one way to celebrate, recognize, and honor their tremendous efforts, accomplishments, and contributions to American society could be arranging reading sessions for your children and their friends at home where you can make them read about the life struggles of immigrant women. What’s your opinion? Write to us in the comments section. 

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