Son of African Immigrants Dr. Glenn Wakam Impacts The Practice of Medicine For Covid-19 Victims

Magazine, Living Well

In an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, ( the biggest medical journal in the world today), Dr. Glenn K. Wakam, son of Cameroonian immigrants makes massive impact in the practice of medicine around patients dying from Covid-19.

His article, Not Dying Alone — Modern Compassionate Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic seeks to influence how technology can assist families of dying patients of Covid 19 in communicating better with family at that very difficult time for them.  Dr. Wakam is a first generation American whose parents are immigrants from the Central African country of Cameroon. His father Mr. Bonaventure Wakam, a successful entrepreneur is President of KHAM INC Business Acquisition & Sales headquartered in California while his mother is a physician who runs her own practice, Irene Bih Wakam M.D in Ventura, California. Not surprising that the apple does not fall too far from the tree, Dr. Wakam is obviously following in her footsteps. Raised therefore by two African parents where the extended and immediate family are an intricate part of the social and emotional wellbeing of  most African communities, Dr. Wakam certainly has insight into how important personal touch and connection are during this time.

Striking such an important tone on this subject matter as families face a new reality with social distancing during this pandemic, CNN’s host of Inside Politics, John King did a follow up interview with Dr. Wakam




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