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Could Boulder Colorado Shooter, And Syrian Immigrant Stigmatize Immigrants and Obstruct Immigrant Causes?

Could Boulder Colorado Shooter

Magazine, The Immigrant Experience

A Syrian immigrant-Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, in the act of terror, is now under prosecution and facing 10 counts of murder in the first degree and one count of attempted murder over the horrific attack at a King Soopers supermarket.

The incident brought a shockwave around all united states, and the public showed antipathy over the heinous act of terror and shown sympathies to the victims of the incident.

Nevertheless, the unfortunate incident has again reactive the debate over the future of the flown immigrants from the Muslim world to the USA, mainly from Syria. The proponents of the Trump regime policies once again strongly demanded reinstating his decision because they perceive it as the most favorable option to ensure the USA’s security against organized violence and crimes.

It is pretty evident that there is a drastic escalation in the terrorism incidents across the USA in recent years, and the majority of the culprits belong to the radical Muslim ideological mindset. Given such circumstances, the Biden administration may give a critical appraisal to its policy reformation of lifting the Muslim states’ ban and review the immigration cases of a more significant chunk of the Muslim immigrants from the war-torn states across the world.

The growing anger against the  American nations is embodied in individuals’ ideological mindset to take out grievances through violent means.  Notwithstanding all the assertions and real facts, it is evident that the general discourse of terrorism states that any act of violence could have divergent reasons and varies from means to ends.

Therefore, an individual act of terrorism by any actor cannot be generalized for the entire system. Likewise, the USA immigrants have a different idiosyncratic mindset, with few exceptions for accused terrorism.

Furthermore, the global world has witnessed such crimes in the recent past, and the accused criminals hold diverse identities. It’s not about the immigrants only. However, there is a dire need to revisit the national policy of accommodating the immigrants’ inflow in the  USA to avoid such incidents that have become a threat to the national security and causes violence eruption at large.

One of the dismaying factors that may lead to further fragmentation is over stigmatization against Muslims is creating societal faultiness for the US’s future course of actions. This popular sentiment may lead to provocation of revenge mindset from inside the American society. Thus, it would further spur the crisis for national security.

Also, broader societal-based violence based on coercion may plug into heinous immigrants’ enduring race vs. the national identity.

Indeed the US history indicates that it has been a land of global cohesion; therefore, any act of violence or terrorism must be dealt with care for the significant interests of the state, and radical measures must be initiated to ensure the smooth mechanisms for justice and accountability of the culprits and victims, irrespective of their identity.

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