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The Perfect Guide to Finalizing a Furniture Style & Sourcing Furniture


Furniture inevitably happens to be one of the top commodities that can make or break a business’s décor or a home’s styling. Human being realized this beforehand, the traces of some of the earliest pieces of furniture from Egypt and some of them in Scotland that have been made out of bronze and stone respectively are standing testaments of how serious human beings are about their furniture.

Even recent reports of close about a 2.1% increase in industry-wide [Source:MarketResearch] furniture demand for 2019 in developed countries is indicative of how rapidly the industry is changing.

There are several novel trends in the industry too. There’s a growing trend among customers to lookout for/prefer reclaimed wood furniture, some may also prefer to call this upcycled or recycled furniture. These are furniture items that are salvaged from older furniture items, wood in houses, boats and so on that are rigorously tested and brought back to life by furniture experts.

Now, if you are a homeowner of a decently sized house [4  Rooms & More] or even a small café/restaurant or even a boutique hotel, you will be surprised to know that you can save a whole lot of money and get exactly what you want by sourcing furniture from specialty wholesale manufacturers & suppliers, like Furnitureroots

But before that, let’s begin with the different furniture styles so that you can pick the ones that are right up your alley.

  1. Industrial Styles

The Industrial themed décor trend was born as the architectural representation of what 1700’s Britain was going through. The industrial revolution was accepted with great joy and fuelled Britain’s and its neighbours’ imperialistic ambitions & the people were loving the industries – simply because of the improvement it brought about in their quality of life.

So much so that different countries manifested industrial designs in their own way, there’s French industrial designs, Victorian designs & what we see today, Modern-industrial designs.

After a long hiatus, nearly Since 5-10 years ago, industrial styles have made a comeback. It started with a few restaurants, hotels & pubs that preferred to leave a raw, rugged look with exposed metal, glass and wood.

Consumers soon followed suite and demand for these styles from homeowners also grew significantly.

These styles are perfect for homeowners who want to manifest a raw & refined-ruggedness sort of a look and at the same time have a timeless-classical appeal.

  1. Rustic Styles

Probably one of the most misunderstood or callously used term floating out there when one talks about furniture design. Rustic designs by definition of the very word “rustic” brings to mind a bucolic or pastoral countryside theme that is best left to the rural areas.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, modern variations of rustic furniture have different connotations, these aren’t just limited to the furniture that’s made for log-cabins but are furniture pieces that do add an element of the “cottage to it”.

A slightly weathered look for these furniture pieces are preferred and they are made from traditional materials wherein traditional work like stitching & weaving are made readily apparent on the furniture pieces themselves.

Today’s rustic furniture pieces are heavily influenced by roman & Scandinavian culture. If you’re somewhat of a “mountain person” and love a vibe of the good ol’ days, rustic furniture may be a good option for you.

Oh! These are also sometimes referred to as farmhouse furniture

Modern & Contemporary Furniture

This furniture category practically needs no explanation at all. The modern version of these furniture pieces are sleek, edgy, built with space age materials & defy the laws of physics. They aren’t all that bad to look at either, depends on where you stand on the “olden times were better” debate.

Although, most designer do not prefer this furniture style all by itself, they tend to mix this up with the above two in order to create the perfect theme that they like.

Popular Mentions

  1. Bone Inlay Furniture: A furniture type that has it’s roots in India, generally considered quite exotic as specially trained craftsmen are required to manufacture these pieces of art\
  2. Antique Reproduction Furniture: Not everyone among us can afford collections of expensive art. So several manufacturers work on make-shift items that are unique in their own right
  3. Distressed Furniture: Most consider this part of the rustic design philosophy itself, distressed furniture is generally classified as furniture that has a “weathered” & “eroded” appeal to signify it’s strength and durability.

Sourcing These Furniture

Let’s say you’ve finalized with any one of these themes for your villa, restaurant, café or hotel. How do you go about sourcing these furniture pieces, what are the questions you should be asking to your manufacturer? Let’s explain.

Suppliers that operate in most western countries like Australia, United States, Canada & United States are quick to ride on trends. But these furniture pieces are almost never manufactured in the respective country. Even most of the brands that uphold the values of patriotism are guilty of following free market trends of sourcing from another country & that’s not necessarily bad.

But as a consumer, if you source from these retail sellers, you’re likely to end up spending a lot more as you will be paying umpteen layers of middlemen.

As an alternative, and this works very well for commercial spaces but will work great with a relatively larger home as well. Sourcing furniture from wholesale manufacturers & suppliers in countries like India & China is a great option as well.

In the current situation, with a lingering anti-China sentiment, India is a great option. The manufacturers there speak great English, they know their way around great pieces of décor & furniture for almost all types of furniture except modern styles, for which , China is a great alternative.

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