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Americans are Buying Into The Malta Global Residence Programme


As the small island of Malta rises in popularity, more and more Americans have started showing their interest in this small Mediterranean country. In fact, American citizens’ interest in Malta has grown threefold in the past few years.

If you too are considering the global residence program from Malta so that you can move lock, stock and barrel to this Island, it’s important to look at what sets it apart. What makes Malta such an attractive proposition to Americans? What motivates people to move to Malta? Keep reading to find out.

The Beauty of Malta

Malta’s beach vibes are worth mentioning, especially considering that tropical weather is guaranteed all year round. Also, there is no need to even learn a new foreign language to blend in as the citizens of Malta call English their home language too.

Not only that, but you could buy a property and instantly get Maltese citizenship. If that’s not enough reason to get you hooked on the idea of a Malta global residence program, perhaps the other perks of living in Malta will be of interest to you.

Perks of the Malta Global Residence Programme

  1. Global Residence Programme Options

The Malta Global Residence Programme requires one to make an investment of 160 000 Euros via the citizenship-by-investment program (CIPS). This particular investment amount is non-refundable. Alongside this contribution, there is an annual investment of 100 000 Euros, which will buy you a 5-year long property lease.

The other option that you have is the bond purchase which will cost you about 250 000 Euros plus an extra 30 000 Euros for government contribution as well as another 10 000 Euros for a property lease.

  1. Reasonable Taxes

Many investors move to Malta because of the country’s favourable tax regulations. Income tax is less than 40% and there are no extra taxes that you will incur in Malta like wealth taxes, so your income won’t take a knock when you move to Malta.

  1. The Two-passport Benefit

The Malta Global residence programme allows American applicants to gain access to a dual passport which means you’ll be able to gain access to all the 166 European countries that are part of the Schengen region. You’ll be able to freely travel anywhere in Europe as soon as you decide to take the plunge and opt for the Global residence programme. In fact, the longest you will wait for your passport is between 13-16 months.

When it comes to passports, it is always better to have two or more as opposed to having just one. For one thing, having the rights to stay in two countries means better opportunity and even better scope for your future. The island of Malta is also a safer place to live thanks to its political and economic stability. So, it’s a great place to call your second home.

  1. Family Citizenship

Once you touch down on Maltese soil, you’ll probably want to bring your family members along. The good news is that when you become a citizen of Malta, you are allowed to bring your parents, spouses and in-laws to the island. All of your closest family members can gain citizenship and live on the sunny Maltese island at an additional cost.

  1. No Exams Necessary

You won’t need to take any grueling tests before you move to Malta. If you’re coming from America, then you already speak English so you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

  1. Return on Investment

The Malta Global Residence Program offers a great return on investment. You get to live in an economically sound country with plenty of opportunity for you and your family. The climate is near-perfect all year round and there is plenty to do and discover in terms of recreation. You can also bank on your Maltese property accruing in value thanks to the country’s favourable political and economic climate.

  1. Americans love Malta

Americans have been taking part in the global residence programme since 2014 when it was introduced. The fact so many Americas have become vested in buying homes in Malta over the last few years has caused the asking price to increase by 10%.

Americans are willing to pay anything from 247 000 dollars to 510 000 dollars for smaller apartments in Malta. A larger estate in more popular areas of Malta can cost UP TO about 5 million dollars. So, the longer you wait to make an investment, the higher the price of entry will be, due to the increase in property costs.

  1. The Lifestyle

If you are looking to relax and take things easy, you need to live in Malta. Many retired American citizens have chosen to call Malta home because of the laid-back lifestyle that the island promises.

But, Malta is a versatile country that offers plenty of opportunities for young professionals and business owners too. The island is at the forefront of the billion-dollar iGaming industry, it has a growing blockchain sector, and it enjoys a thriving property market and tourism industry.

And if you’re mainly motivated to invest in Maltese property because of status, then you can never go wrong, because nothing is as prestigious as owning a Maltese passport right now.

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