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Sam Sarpong, Multi-faceted Cultural Icon’s American Dream

Sam Sarpong, Multi-faceted Cultural Icon's American Dream

Sam Sarpong, Multi-faceted Cultural Icon's American Dream


He is described by many as a triple threat. A Hollywood actor, singer, and one of the world’s top male supermodels, Sam Sarpong has modeled for Louis Vuitton,Marc Jacobs,Gucci and many other mainstream designers including most recently Nelson Mandela’s inspired men’s line, 466/64. Currently the new Los Angeles host of Ryan Seacrest’s new network, AXS TV, Sarpong was also the face of Tommy Hilfiger for over 6 consecutive years and featured in Italian Vogue among several other influential publications. Born and raised in England, Samuel Osei Sarpong’s parents came from Ghana, West Africa, a heritage he cherishes dearly.  Taking the fashion,entertainment and music world by storm, he is just beginning to make his mark on the world.

In an interview with The Immigrant Magazine, Sarpong shares his vision and path to success.

The Immigrant Magazine (TIM) : Who is Sam Sarpong?
Sam Sarpong is a hard working very driven individual who loves people.

TIM: How would you describe your journey from childhood to the success story you are today?
My journey is that of persistence, working hard, and never giving up.

TIM: As a multi-faceted entertainer,what is your passion and where do you get your inspiration from?
My passion is in everything I do. I get my inspiration from wanting to do better and improve on every project I take on.

TIM: In your movie ‘Anchor Baby’, your character portrays the classic situation many illegal immigrants find themselves in.Were you in anyway swayed one way or the other about how the US government has handled immigration matters thus far?
I feel sometimes that immigration laws are not always handled in the best way like the situation with police pulling people over in Phoenix and asking for green cards. To me that is unfair.

TIM: Some ethnic groups more than others seem to have broken the glass ceiling and are making headway in the industry,what do you think is the position of African actors in Hollywood?
I think it is getting better for African actors. We have came a long way, but I still think we have a ways to go as a whole.

TIM: What is your purpose and how do you know that you’re on the right path?
My purpose is to motivate and encourage all types of people in this world, I know I am on the right path because God shows me signs every single day with through the ways in which I influence other people lives.

Sam Sarpong, Multi-faceted Cultural Icon's American Dream
TIM: What have been your challenges getting to this point?
Biggest challenge is the political part of acting which is losing out big roles to actors with big names. But that is now changing because I am getting offered parts.

TIM:What can we expect from you in the near future?
2013 is a big year for me. I am the face of international iconic brand BOY LONDON, I have two films coming out Trigger and No Weapons formed against us. My show airs live every Saturday, Access Live. My album “Muzik of tha Future” will come out. I am the brand ambassador of 40664 Fashion Nelson Mandela’s line.

TIM: Where do you see the future taking you?
Five years from now, I want my company Future Starz Entertainment to be one of the most influential companies in entertainment, managing and producing films,TV, as well as opening up a school to teach the art of entertainment.

TIM: What is your philosophy about success?
I think you get successful by never, never, never, never, never giving up, and being daring enough to think outside the box. 

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