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Omicron From COVID-19 This Holiday Season: “Week of Action”

Omicron From COVID-19 This Holiday Season: “Week of Action”

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It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since the first vaccine was administered in the state of California against the coronavirus known as covid-19 that claimed millions of lives around the world, left many sick and some forever traumatized. In honor of this one-year anniversary, the  California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly shared an update on the state’s vaccination milestones, Omicron, and the best steps Californians can continue to take to keep themselves and their loved ones safer this holiday season. 

Organized by the Ethnic Media Services, journalists and media covering news and information from a culturally sensitive perspective tuned in to learn more. Dr. Ghaly shared that two weeks since omicron was first discovered in San Francisco there have been more cases of infection with the new strain. Early diagnosis he emphasized is critical to shutting it down. Even though the Delta variant is still dominant and deadly, Omicron is highly transmissible. Not much is known about how potent it is and if current vaccines can guard against it. Currently, one month of indoor masking is recommended during the Holidays. Hospitals are wrestling with other illnesses and a slight increase in covid hospitalizations will stretch them. Frontline workers are equally stretched and remain vulnerable. As a society, we must adhere to the guidelines that way we can control the spread as we make efforts to lean in and keep our public health equity in mind.

Describing how far we have come all Californians are invited to get vaccinated and get booster shots. Tremendous progress has been made in equity target through innovative means working with communities to get the message out. Tremendous work in schools and where concerns about vaccines exist not just in schools but their families.

Dr. Ghaly shared that although we seek normalcy there are things to do to keep our guard up. If meeting with people you haven’t been around, ask them to get tested. It is free. Many people regret not getting vaccinated. Anyone who has received the Pfizer and Moderna in 6months  and the J&J  in seven months should get the booster. Vaccines are helping us get through and we look forward to protecting all Californians, 40million strong!


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