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Impassioned by Aamir Khan and eager to work against Scott Foley; Farahri asks to let go all the fear!

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Positivity leads to betterment. This is what Farahri thinks and wants every person to be positive. It is undoubtedly a fact that the bold Farahri oozes what most of us yearn for. Isn’t it? And the secret of her successful life is nothing but her positive thoughts and behavior. She is the symbol that a little ray of positivity and good thoughts can pave ways towards better tomorrow. Are you amazed to know this fact about fearless Farahri? You should be! Farahri unveiled this side of her personality during an interview with TicketsMove MAG.

Who is not familiar with versatile and exotic musical talent Farahri who has been ruling the hearts of millions of her fans from all over the world! Bringing a rare mix of fresh sound and multicultural impact, she adds her own twist in her songs by fusing Indian, African, Latina and Caribbean flavors with mainstream pop, rock, hip hop and R&B. Her songs are more than entertainment where you get a full experience of ups and downs of life and your belief gets firm that dreams come true. It would not be wrong to call her music a treat for each sense.

The most important place where her energetic voice, thoughtful lyrics and addictive melodies leave their influence is soul and heart. She lets her listeners to dive into the world of emotional roller coaster of life. From motivational and empowering lyrics to heart touching music and gut wrenching heartache, her musical passion covers every aspect that makes her a pop singing sensation.

From her interview, it is quite obvious to judge her goal in life that is to touch and inspire you with every note and foster positivity by balancing mind, body and spirit. Watch out this exclusive interview of Farahri with TicketsMove to gain more such interesting facts hidden behind her avant-garde style.

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