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How To Write To The Bank And Attract New Business

How To Choose A Franchise And Build A Successful Business

Attract New Business Through Better Business Writing

TIM, Making Money, Sherice L. Bellamy

Sherice new photo copyOne of the most fundamental ways to attract new business is by improving your business writing skills. The initial approach to a prospective new business client is often through a proposal, presentation or sales letter. Writing effective business documents and marketing collateral that gain the attention of your target audience requires skills in planning, researching, and organizing content. These skills are essential to winning new business and increasing sales. Prospective clients will judge whether or not you are professional, competent and trustworthy based on how well you express yourself through written communication. Use the power of the written word to take your business to the next level – “Write to the Bank.”



Use The P’s of Effective Business Writing to assess the effectiveness of your message:


  1. Plan – Follow an appropriate writing plan to use as a guide and layout your document in a logical order.
  2. Prepare – Research and gather the necessary information. Assess the needs of your target audience; anticipate their objections; adjust your message accordingly. Include answers to their anticipated questions and objections in your written offer.
  3. Purpose – Determine the purpose for your writing and state the specific problem(s) that your product or service will solve for the prospect.
  4. Promise – Gain interest and attention by making an irresistible promise that persuades the prospect to react.
  5. Profit – Outline the details of the benefits and advantages the prospect will receive, i.e. increased revenues, improved productivity, decreased costs, etc.
  6. Position – Establish credibility. Highlight your education, experience, licenses, and awards that position you as an authority on the subject.
  7. Precise – Write in clear, concise and simple terms. Use as few words as possible to get your message across.
  8. Proof – Provide success stories, testimonies, examples, and references that demonstrate your proven track record of results.
  9. Priority – Place a sense of urgency in your offer. Provide a deadline for responding and give clear instructions on how to respond.
  10. Personality – Assess your tone, style and approach (direct or indirect and formal or informal).
  11. 11. Positive – Use positive and inclusive language that provides the reader with options.
  12. Present – Make sure your message is current and relevant to your reader.
  13. Proper – Choose the appropriate method for delivery, i.e. face-to-face, traditional mail, e-mail, videoconference or teleconference. Address your message to the appropriate person and confirm the proper spelling and title of their name.
  14. Perfect – Proofread for perfection; correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  15. Procrastinate – Resist forwarding the first draft of any document. Allow time to review and improve.


Sherice L. Bellamy is an entrepreneur and educator who  provides business planning and development services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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