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Flowers, Dried Flowers and Eternal Flower Tips


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and many couples are already thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, flowers are never absent. With the development and changes of The Times, different kinds of flowers have emerged, among which, dried flowers and eternal flowers are the two most popular. In fact, dried flowers and eternal flowers are both

Made of flowers, many people do not know much about this aspect, do not know what is the difference between flowers and eternal flowers? Now let me introduce it to you! (send flower to China)

what is a fresh flower and dry flower?

Dried flowers, also known as dry flowers, are the use of real natural flowers, after drying method of processing, can be a long time not bad, and has a unique flavor of ornamental flowers. It has the durability that flowers can’t, but also has the advantage of being more authentic and natural than artificial flowers. Dried flowers were used in Europe in the early 17th century. Its production and application in Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and Taiwan Province of China and other places increasingly popular.

Varieties of dried flowers:

The varieties of dried flowers are all over the sky star, rose, lavender, forget-me-not, love grass, small Daisy, red, gold ball, silver leaf chrysanthemum, eucalyp, etc. One of the most popular is Sky Star, which is mostly dyed when it’s made.

What is the eternal flower?

Eternal life flower is also called preservation flowers, ecological flowers, also called “flowers that will never fade”. Eternal flower is the use of roses, carnations, phalaenopsis, hydrangea and other categories of fresh cut flowers, after dehydration, decolorization, drying, dyeing and a series of complex processes into the dried flowers, eternal flower in color, shape, feel almost the same as flowers; It maintains the characteristics of flowers, and the color is richer, the use is wider, the storage time is at least 3 years, is the most ideal flower design, home decoration, celebration activities of flower deep processing products. Eternal flower products since the last century in Germany, has been sought after by consumers.

Eternal flower because after elution, remove the plant cell’s contents, such as sugar, fat, etc., after preservation and dyeing plant cells to maintain the natural structure, shape and color without corruption and water loss embrittlement. Therefore, eternal flower can not only be stored and used for a long time, convenient for logistics and transportation, eliminate the pressure of urgent timeliness of flowers, but also show the natural beauty of flowers and plants for a long time, which is a major innovation of flower products.

Advantages of eternal flowers

The use of the nature of the real flowers made from, with the characteristics of non-toxic harmless. Eternal life flower is a real flower after high-tech production, with a fake flower long time storage, the real flowers non-toxic harmless and colorful characteristics. And unlike dried flowers, the main characteristic of the eternal flower is that it retains its own tissue and moisture, as well as its color. Dried flowers don’t hold any moisture inside and have a different color from fresh flowers.

Rich in colors, you can make colors that are not found in nature. The eternal life flower color is rich, the kind is more, the most famous has blue demon, now the new development still has rose, hydrangea, calla lily, carnation, orchid, lily, all over the sky star and other kinds.

It can be kept fresh for a long time. Eternal flowers do not fade, flowers bloom four seasons. The preservation time varies between different technologies, but the current Chinese technology can keep the eternal flower for about 3 to 5 years. The advanced technology in the world can make eternal flowers last about ten years.

No watering, no nursing, easy to take care of.

No pollen, no hay fever.

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