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ESDIAC GLOBAL, Cheap Calling Rates And Free International Texts


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  • Are you tired of your calls dropping and being interrupted while trying to talk business or chat with family abroad because you’re using a free calling APP?
  • Don’t you want to stop yelling on the phone just so you can explain something so important on your call?
  • Haven’t you had enough trouble reaching your business partner or family member because they do not have the free APP on a smart phone?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions this solution is for you.

The Immigrant Magazine is proud to announce the launch of the most dependable and affordable international calling solution that you could possibly dream of. ESDIAC Global System, a US based calling app company has designed the most functional and innovative App, ESDIAC GLOBAL that will not only save you time and money on international calls but make your calling experience fun. Some of its great features include:

  • the ability to track your calls and SMS credits while never incurring any overages like the traditional calling cards,
  • the best call quality and messaging speeds, and last but not least,
  • the cheapest calling and messaging rates available to mobile or landlines.

You can download the new ESDIAC GLOBAL App for free at, use promo code IMO1 and explore these easy to use features that will make your international calling experience enjoyable. This platform is designed for the global market and can be used all over the world. According to the global brand ambassador, Hollywood actress and international business consultant, Jennifer Oguzie, this app is great for immigrants and international travelers who often need to call home or do business abroad. You can buy credits from the comfort of your desk from the online app and make calls to any phone worldwide. Better still, your entire international texts are free.

Easy to use, calls can be made once call credit is purchased through an in-app purchase either by ApplePay, PayPal or Direct Pay as a guest. You can also log into to buy call credit. The currency used is US dollars (USD)

Get your free download, use promo code IM01 and learn more about this revolutionary calling app designed to facilitate communication anywhere in the world at

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