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Empowering Africa’s Future: Nollywood Icon Richard Mofe-Damijo to Chair 4th Annual Summit & Charity Ball by AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®

Empowering Africa's Future: Nollywood Icon Richard Mofe-Damijo to Chair 4th Annual Summit & Charity Ball by AFRICA's BRAIN BANK

Bridging Minds, Empowering Continents: Uniting for Africa’s Intellectual Renaissance at the 4th Annual AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK® Summit & Charity Event 2023

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Leaders from Africa and Diaspora Unite for a Transformative Event

An extraordinary convergence of minds and purpose is poised to take center stage – a gathering that boldly addresses a pressing challenge afflicting the African continent and its descendants: brain drain. Introducing the distinguished 4th Annual Summit & Charity Event of AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®, an opportunity that demands the attention of every champion for Africa’s intellectual future.

From September 1st – 4th, 2023, visionary leaders from Africa and the diaspora will grace this historic event. Among them are luminaries like Dr. Ken Harris, the 16th President & CEO of the National Business League founded by Booker T. Washington; the multifaceted American actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker Royce J. Johnson; the esteemed HRM. NENE LOMO IV Divisional Chief, Lomobiawe; and the distinguished Queen Mother, Dr. Delois Blakely, Motown’s First A & R Man – Sir William “Mickey” Stevenson, and more.

A Call for Unity, A Commitment to Progress

In a world where collaboration shapes destinies, we stand at the crossroads of possibility. Unity, shared goals, and collective purpose hold the key to shaping Africa’s path forward. With resolute optimism, we extend a heartfelt invitation, urging you to stand united against an obstacle that transcends borders – the 4th Annual Summit & Charity Event of AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®.

The potential of Africa is undeniable, yet the specter of brain drain casts a shadow over its progress. It’s now time to gather our collective strength, to address this critical concern. The vision of AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK® is a beacon of hope – it envisions a repository of Africa’s intellectual capital, igniting innovation, driving economic advancement, and uplifting generations.

Championing Transformation

Your presence at this transformative event is paramount. By joining the summit, you’re not simply attending; you’re investing in a brighter, more empowered future for Africa and its people. Your involvement will foster knowledge exchange, energize collaboration, and empower progress through the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Guiding the Journey: Rev. Dr. Pamela Fomunung

Leading this visionary endeavor is Rev. Dr. Pamela Fomunung, the CEO of AFRICA’S BRAIN BANK®. With unmatched expertise as a clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Fomunung has trained Pharmacists and Technicians both in the US and abroad. Her deep passion for Africa propelled her to co-develop an ACT (Artemisinin-Based Combination Treatment) anti-malaria drug, registered with Nigeria’s NAFDAC. A woman of faith with a diverse portfolio in Ministry and the Corporate world, she embodies the principles driving AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®.

A Diverse Ensemble of Minds

The event’s lineup showcases a collection of accomplished individuals from Nollywood Icon Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), known for his roles as an Actor, Writer, Producer, and Lawyer, who will chair the event to Dr. Ken Harris, a distinguished economist and business historian, brings his acumen to the Business to Investor to Business (BIB) Market. HRM, NENE LOMO IV, an accomplished traditional ruler, and architect, will grace the event. Dr. Nkem-Amin Khumbah, a respected lecturer and STEM-Africa expert, and AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK Chairman will contribute insights and deliver the summit keynote on Saturday. Dr. Diola Bagayoko, Dr. Myrtis Randolph, and Dr. Asom Moses further enrich the event’s discourse and many others as reflected on the flier below.

Together, We Shape Tomorrow

Together, we possess the power to redefine the narrative. Let’s safeguard Africa’s intellectual prowess within its borders, nurturing industries, inspiring future generations, and forging enduring opportunities. Your support transcends mere gesture; it’s a testament to the legacy of a continent and its people.

About the Summit

AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK® extends a warm invitation to its fourth annual Summit and Charity Ball. This event stands as a unifying beacon for individuals of African descent, uniting to fortify the intellectual reservoir that defines AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®. Experts across diverse fields will convene, bridging the diaspora and the continent.

Central to its purpose, the summit confronts the persistent brain drain obstructing Africa’s progress despite its abundance. It echoes a call to action for Africans and those of African descent to actively contribute to the solution. In the spirit of the adage, “Charity begins at home,” this event underscores the imperative of shaping the continent’s future.

A Promising Path Ahead

The summit’s theme, “S.T.E.M. – Africa’s Gateway to Economic Freedom and Power!” spotlights the transformative capacity of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in reshaping Africa’s economic landscape.

Set at the LAX Airport Hyatt Hotel, the event serves as the platform for the 4th Annual Summit & Charity Ball of AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®. A dedicated website streamlines guest hotel reservations, ensuring a seamless experience.

As the countdown continues, secure your tickets to partake in this convergence of knowledge, collaboration, and purpose. Join the force propelling Africa toward a brighter horizon.

Your Catalyst for Change

Delay not; take action now and become a catalyst for change. Let’s unite, collaborate, and serve – for Africa, its descendants, and a world driven by unity’s boundless potential.

Join us at the 4th Annual Summit & Charity Event of AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®. Together, let’s sculpt the transformation that Africa so rightfully deserves.

Summit Theme: S.T.E.M. – Africa’s Gateway to Economic Freedom and Power!

Event Details:

Dates: September 1-4, 2023
Location: LAX Airport Hyatt Hotel.
Address: 6225 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90045


Vision: AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK® envisions the end of Africa’s Brain Drain by cultivating a repository of the continent’s intellectual capital. Collaborating with individuals of African descent worldwide, the organization aspires to nurture and empower Africa and all its people.

Mission: AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK® is dedicated to establishing a repository of Africa’s intellectual capital, intellectual property, and brainpower. This mission recognizes the pivotal role of preserving and harnessing intellectual resources to propel the continent and its people forward.

Learn More About AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK®

Unite Against Brain Drain: Join Africa's Brain Bank Summit 2023 - Get Your Tickets Now!

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