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Dan Patrick Invades ‘American Dream’ by Calling Immigration “Invasion”

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Texas Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Goeb Patrick, in an interview with Fox News a few weeks ago, while referring to the influx of migrants at the southern border, said, “We’re being attacked just as we were on Pearl Harbor.

“We have 1,254 miles with Mexico. It’s a big border. And they need to secure this border, they need to close it, [and] they need to quit lying to the American public that it’s a secure border … We are being invaded. And if we’re being invaded under the Constitution, I think that gives us the power to put hands on people and send them back.”

Patrick is not the only one making such offensive remarks. Fox News staff anchors and guest speakers have repeatedly been claiming for more than a year that immigration on the Mexico border represented an “invasion.” 

This is planned anti-immigrant propaganda sponsored by regional Republican-led governments to declare border crossings an invasion as specified by the US Constitution. As stated by Patrick: “This is an attack on the American public. It’s an attack on our young people. It’s an attack on our border. And the president needs to stand up and fight back. And if he doesn’t, then he needs to step down.”

He blathered the same offensive talk in September 2021(of course on Fox News), calling on every red state to invoke Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution which guarantees that the United States shall protect every State against invasion. 

The apparent purpose of marching this propaganda in lockstep is to justify the use of force by regional Republican-led governments to deport migrants and asylum seekers. However, legal experts take it as a “fringe legal theory that is not likely to succeed.”

Patrick’s recent interview with the notorious mouthpiece of Republican anti-immigrant propaganda was also in line with this objective as he said: “This is an attack on the American public. It’s an attack on our young people. It’s an attack on our border. And the president needs to stand up and fight back. And if he doesn’t, then he needs to step down.”

Legal experts say that illegal immigration is a real problem for border states especially Texas, and drugs particularly fentanyl being trafficked to the US is a crisis that needs serious attention. However, they believe, the influx of poor migrants, who are reaching the border after escaping inhuman conditions and crises in their homelands in the hope of finding a better future here, is definitely not an invasion. They are work-and-security-seeking migrants, not an army with lethal weapons to launch deadly attacks on the US military installations that Patrick and Co. are calling them invaders. 

Moreover, Patrick and his like-minded fellas need to understand that immigration was, is, and will be the strength of the United States, and with the exception of Native Americans, the vast majority of Americans are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants or enslaved people. 

Patrick and Co. might have cataracts in their eyes that they cannot see the enormous contributions made by those they call “invaders” to the US  economy. These “invaders” have been increasing potential economic output and productivity, as well as the size of the labor force. Besides, 55% of America’s startup companies valued at more than $1 billion were started by immigrants while they founded 64% of all American billion-dollar companies. 

On top of that, Patrick’s attacks on immigration are tantamount to invading the national ethos of the United States, the “American Dream,” which was described by its coiner as “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.” 

Patrick himself embodies the American Dream that he was born to a newspaper vendor and raised in a blue-collar neighborhood yet he represented the 7th District in the Texas Senate for eight years and is currently serving as the 42nd Lt. Gov. of Texas. Therefore, Patrick should cut his wisdom teeth and let others have the opportunity to live their American Dream, too. 

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