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EHINOME, The Footprints Of An Emerging Mogul

EHINOME, The Footprints Of An Emerging Mogul

“ELEDUMARE” ”, a song of dance and appreciation…!

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EHINOME, The Footprints Of An Emerging Mogul

Nigerian-born singer Ehinome could be considered a powerhouse and quadruple threat as she stretches her abilities as a mother, singer, actress, model and wife to heights known only to high achievers. In a world where many can barely accomplish one, Ehinome excels in everything she does with vigor and passion, making it almost impossible to fit her in just one mold. Born and raised in Nigeria, Ehinome cultivated her talent as a gospel singer from the tender age of 14 where she began singing in the church choir and today can be heard on many radio stations in Nigeria and many African countries. With a career spanning decades she is also an avid actress in the 3rd largest movie industry in the world, Nollywood. A resident of Los Angeles, California, Ehinome credits her Christian devotion as the cornerstone of her multiple talents and success. Like most immigrants Ehinome has had to make sacrifices, juggle career paths and still maintain passion for her craft in music. With the release of her latest album ‘Eledumare’, Ehinome assesses her accomplishments in these few words, ‘Hence, ‘“Eledumare”, a song of dance and appreciation to God for all his love, protection, guidance, provisions, and abundant blessings in my life.’
In an interview with The Immigrant Magazine, she shares the secrets to her success and what inspires her.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): A mother, a wife, a nurse, a model, an actress, a singer, who is Ehinome?

Ehinome: when one is destined for greatness, it will surely be accomplished no matter how long it takes. Some people try to do a lot of things at the same time, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s doable. Some people maybe Jack of all trade, but master of none, but one thing I know is that if you are passionate about anything or many things you want to accomplish in life, it will definitely be done as long as you believe there is that one person called “God” who says in
Philippians. 4:13, I can do all, not one, not some, but all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Now Ehinome means great destiny. I am a child destined for greatness, and by the special grace of God, a daughter, a wife, mother, career women, a model, an actress, a singer, not just a singer, but an evangelist for the most high God.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): What inspired you to do gospel music?

Ehinome: Going through life, and seeing the hands of God upon my life, where he took me from, and all the places and all the things, ups and downs of life that I have been through. The good and bad, and how He has prepared me all through this journey of life. And how He has established me today, it is a great inspiration to do gospel music, because this is the only way I can testify to the goodness of God in my life, and to share with other people that God is real and he can do all things. So I sing inspirational and gospel songs and I pray that the listeners are inspired and blessed.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): What does ELEDUMARE mean and why is this album extra special?
Ehinome: “Eledumare” in Yoruba language simply means “God.” God has so many names in different African dialects. I was raised in Lagos state, Nigeria so I speak Yoruba language. For me, when I worship God, I communicate with him and as I reverence Him, I call him, God in so many ways such as, God, savior, Jesus, Raboni, Master, Healer, I am that I am and many more names. So to me, “Eledumare” means great and mighty God.

To answer the second part of this question, this single is extra special because, this is my comeback after so many years off the music scene. The way I am with my life right now, I am happy and appreciative of God’s multiple hands upon my life, all of his blessings, love, and I just want to share that and recognize Him. Without him, I don’t know where I would ever be. So “Eledumare” is a song of thanksgiving and appreciation of God and all of His love and blessings upon me and my family. I Love to dance, and I want everybody listening to dance and really give God praise in good times and bad times because He is able to take care of every situation.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): How have you been able to successfully pursue multiple challenging career paths with so much joy and optimism?

Ehinome: It hasn’t been easy, but like I said earlier, when you love God, He always makes a way out of no way. I love everything that I do, and I do them with great passion. As a mother, my kids really bring me joy. As a wife, my husband is a great support which makes everything easier. As an artist, I am extremely passionate about my acting and singing. As a nurse, I just love sharing my knowledge with others teaching and providing quality care for my patients. Juggling everything together is indeed challenging, but when you love what you do, you will do it with great optimism.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): What is your vision for your music?

Ehinome: Wow! It is so interesting you ask that question because my vision for my music is really vast. By the grace of God, I want God to use me to reach every corner of this world to evangelize and win souls through my music, for His kingdom. I know there are so many people probably doing this already, but every messenger has a different assignment. My goal is to do a lot of collaborations with different artists all over the world, from Africa, the United States and so on, as long as we’re all sending the same good news about God and delivering the message of love, peace, and unity. I also want to be a mentor for upcoming gospel artists.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): As an African artist based in the USA, how do you compete with the typical mainstream American gospel? Is there a market for African gospel artists?

Ehinome: I don’t see any competition when it comes to God’s work, but I see all gospel artists working together for the same cause. It doesn’t really matter where you are, the work must be done. God’s message is one. I have Asian and American friends that bought “Eledumare” C.D. and although they don’t speak my language they feel it is a happy, upbeat, danceable song, and they love it. There is definitely a market for African Gospel artists. We need more gospel voices. There is never too much of God’s servants. Africa is huge, and we Africans are located all over the world. I have friends in the smallest parts of Japan and you can imagine there is a market for Africans everywhere; even here in California where I live, there is a great African population desiring African music.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): As a wife, mother of three, nurse and artist, many would call you super woman, how do you manage or balance it all?

Ehinome: Honestly, it is only by the grace of God. His strength, power, love, and His grace continue to help me through everything. I do my best to be prayerful, and I trust in him to empower me. I believe that as I continue to hold on to Him and trust in His ways and follow His commandments, He will continue to guide and direct my path. I am not a super woman, but God is the one who balances it all.
TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): Do you think women can have it all, career, passion, family etc.? How important is your family’s support to your success?

Ehinome: Definitely! Women can have it all. Women are stronger than we think and they are the pillars of their homes. Without women in the world, it will be a boring place (laughs). I have come across many single mothers that are very successful and are passionate about what they do. They have a great career, outstanding social life, and manage their homes very well. They put it all together nicely.
Without my family’s support, love, encouragement and understanding, it would have been very difficult to make a comeback to music. They understand how passionate I am about my music and acting career and they support me all the way. I was away in Nigeria for the production of my single “Eledumare” and their support sustained me. They called every day, encouraged me, prayed for me, and basically made me feel as if I hadn’t travel through the constant communication and I really appreciate them. Their support means a lot to me.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): As an artist do you distinguish your art from your personal life or is it all intertwined? Who inspires you and which other artists do you look up to?

Ehinome: Yes, indeed. I am a quiet, easy going, and private woman who keeps my family life very private. My art of course is separate, but I do my best to balance both of them and keep them simple.
God is my inspiration and He inspires me every day. I stand in awe of Him daily and I am amazed at His creation and His wonders. I love a lot of artists whose ministrations I have enjoyed over the years. Mr. Jonathan Butler is one of them and I really pray that I can do some collaboration and be on the same stage someday with him. That will be a great honor. There are also many African artists (gospel/secular) that I look up to and I can’t mention all of their names. I plan to do some collaboration with many of them as I travel the world again very soon.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): Your music is very entertaining and I know many Africans and music lovers would love to listen and see you perform; do you have anything in the works? Where can people buy your music?

Ehinome: Thank you so much! My management company in Nigeria “List Entertainment” owned by Mr. Sunday Are, one of the greatest artists managers and business moguls in the whole of Africa is working really hard, pushing the music on the radio stations, TV stations, different churches in Nigeria, and the whole of Africa, Internet, blogs, and so on to spread the music all over the world. Here in the States, my management company “Jolass Management” can be reached at (951) 378-5820, email:, for bookings. Our goal is to release more vibrant songs and start touring as we continue to spread the good news.

People can buy my music on Tunecore digital stores such as, Itunes, spotify, spinlet,
Google play, amazon MP3, xbox music, revibe, KKbox, akazoo, anghami, GUVERA, beatsmusic, SLACKER, digital, JB HI-FI NOW Music.
We can also ship you a hard copy.
Follow me on twitter @officialehinome.
Like my official Facebook page Ehinome.
Watch my video on YouTube “Eledumare” by Ehinome.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): What’s next for Ehinome?

Ehinome: Watch out for more Ehinome releases of singles, albums, vibrant, danceable, and inspirational worship songs that will lead you to the presence of God. Our goal is to do a lot of collaborations and start touring as we continue to spread the good news of God all over the world. Ehinome is also ministering in churches and events, blessing the saints and sharing the gospel in songs.
Ehinome is going to be in more Nollywood movies, and so many projects as God opens doors of opportunity.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.
May God richly bless you.

TIM (The Immigrant Magazine): Thanks Ehinome
Note: Be sure to check out our full live sit down interview with Ehinome on our YouTube channel at Frank Talk With Pamela Anchang on TIM TV Hollywood.

Enjoy this single Eludumare by Ehinome

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