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#DayWithoutImmigrants, TIM Highlights Famous American Companies Founded By Immigrants

Famous American Companies Founded By Immigrants


TIM, The Immigrant Experience

The Immigrant Magazine stands in solidarity with the call for February 16 to be “A Day Without Immigrants” #DayWithoutImmigrants, #UnDiaSinInmigrantes. We stand with our undocumented, illegal, DACA, DAPA, queer and Muslim immigrant communities who despite their struggles and challenges manage to contribute enormously to the strength of the USA.

#DayWithoutImmigrants, calls for immigrants to boycott businesses and jobs to show the impact of their economic contributions to the country.

Today we remember the contributions of hard working people from foreign places have enhanced this country in so many ways

Here are just a few:


Immigrant Founder/One of the founders: Steve Chen.

Country of Origin: Taiwan



Immigrant Founder: Sergey Brin
Country Of Origin: Russia



Immigrant Founder: Jerry Yang
Country Of Origin: Taiwan



Immigrant Founder: Alexander Graham Bell
Country Of Origin: Scotland


Goldman Sachs

Immigrant Founder: Marcus Goldman
Country Of Origin: Germany



Immigrant Founder: Pierre Omidyar
Country Of Origin: France

Immigrant Founder: Theodore and Milton Deutschmann
Country Of Origin: England

Immigrant Founder: Maxwell Kohl
Country Of Origin: Poland



Immigrant Founder: Daniel Aaron
Country Of Origin: Germany


Big Lots!

Immigrant Founder: Sol Shenk
Country Of Origin: Russia



Immigrant Founder: John W. Nordstrom
Country Of Origin: Sweden



Immigrant Founder: William Colgate
Country Of Origin: England


Sara Lee

Immigrant Founder: Nathan Cummings
Country Of Origin: Canada



Immigrant Founder: E.I. du Pont
Country Of Origin: France


Kraft Foods

Immigrant Founder: James L. Kraft
Country Of Origin: Canada



Immigrant Founders: Charles Pfizer, Charles Erhart
Country Of Origin: Germany


Procter & Gamble

Immigrant Founders: William Procter, James Gamble
Countries Of Origin: England, Ireland


More: List Of Famous American Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Technology

Famous Immigrants In USA

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