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What is the PRICE Nigerians/Deltans have to PAY for things to get better?

What is the PRICE Nigerians/Deltans have to PAY for things to get better?

What is the PRICE Nigerians/Deltans have to PAY for things to get better?

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The answers are very simple!

What is the PRICE Nigerians/Deltans have to PAY for things to get better?

Dr. O’diakpo Obire, President of Greater Delta Foundation

1. It is when the electorate STOP believing that election time is the period to extort money from aspirants.

2. It is when they STOP collecting money or any form of inducement before they can vote.

3. It is when they stop believing that whosoever pays higher is a better candidate and gets their votes and not credible and visionary candidates!

4. It is when the electorate stop looking forward to seeing the same old faces every election year!

5. It is when the citizenry stop making snide remarks about new entrants like: Who is he? We don’t know him. Where has he been? Does he have money? He’s not a popular face, etc, when they ought to look at his background, credibility and visions that such a candidate is offering!

6. It is when our teeming youths stop playing the role of political thugs by maiming, disturbing peaceful electoral process by snatching and stuffing ballot boxes and even killing perceived enemies!

7. It is when we stop looking at ethnicity and zoning (it’s our turn syndrome).

When we all come out to vote for credible and visionary candidates and not just money bags, then we will put our State on the path to sustainable development.

The President of France is a very young man. He was relatively unknown in French politics, yet the people believed in his ideology and visions. They freely donated money to fund his campaign and gave him a chance.

In Nigeria, the converse holds true. No one donates to aspirants, rather they extort money from them. This is the reason why our elections are prohibitively expensive.

Should we continue in this path of perdition? What can we do to make things to better? Is it okay for us to continue to see the same faces in our political stage every four years with no remarkable improvement in our living standards and public infrastructure?

The time to take our State back is now. The time to end the economic and political slavery is now. The time to reposition our youths, women and the economy is now. The time to see real development is now. The time to have good schools and excellent healthcare delivery system is now. The time to have good roads is now. The time to showcase what we have that will attract in-flow of Foreign Direct Investments is now! The time to reposition our civil service and system of governance is now!

We are fortunate to have our destiny in our hands. The PVC gives us the power to choose to end our suffering. While pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

We cannot and should not choose to continue to suffer or wallow in poverty in the midst of abundance! Stand with Dr. O’diakpo Obire to free Delta from poor leadership….


Dr. O’diakpo Obire is the President of Greater Delta Foundation. He is also the President of Hatfield Group, a consolidated group with diversified involvement in hospitality business (Hotels & Resorts), Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing & Security Equipment Services. He is an uncommon philanthropist with a passion for making people happy. He does his philanthropy without ceremony. Dr. Obire hails from Ovu Inland in Ethiope East Local Govt Area of Delta.


This article was originally published on Dr. Obire Campaign Website

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