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The State of U.S.-Africa Relations: The People’s Summit

The State of U.S.-Africa Relations: The People’s Summit

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Event Title: The State of U.S.-Africa Relations: The People’s Summit

Date/Time: Dec 13th, 5PM EST to 8PM EST

Location: 2714 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC

Event Description:

The U.S. Africa Institute (USAI) is a 501(c)(3) international not-for-profit organization established to advance the strategic relations between the United States of America and Africa through education and exchange programs. USAI helps foster greater understanding and build capacity and professional excellence in teaching, research, and cross-cultural collaboration utilizing in-person and virtual modalities between institutions in the U.S. and in Africa.

U.S. Africa Institute is organizing ‘The State of U.S.-Africa Relations: The People’s Summit’ on Dec. 13th from 5PM EST to 8PM EST on the margins of the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit in Washington D.C.

The State of U.S.-Africa Relations: The People’s Summit will host a week of art, speakers, debate, workshops, panel discussions, book signing and community conversation and mixer engaging people of African descent both in the diaspora and on the continent of Africa to discuss the U.S. Africa relations pertaining to education, development, democracy and peace building, public diplomacy, and U.S. foreign policy towards Africa. We will convene The People’s Summit to ensure meaningful participation and inclusion of Africans and the voice of the African diaspora are heard in any and all discussion about Africa. We strongly believe that discourse on Africa should be led by Africans, and fundamentally should include the voice of women, girls and young people in the diaspora and on the continent of Africa.

U.S. Africa Institute will also host a virtual panel discussion on Saturday, Dec 10th from 8AM PST to 10AM PST titled “The State of U.S. Africa Relations: Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Perspectives”. Our panelists are Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni who represent Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe and Liberia. The Alumni will share their work and perspectives on the state of U.S. and Africa relations. Link to the event will be shared on our social media platforms on Twitter @USA_Institute and Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit will advance U.S.-African collaboration on the most pressing global and regional priorities of our day. It will reflect the breadth and depth of American partnerships with African governments, businesses, civil society, and citizens –partnerships based on dialogue, respect, and shared values that harness the ingenuity and creativity of our peoples.

Event Link:

Check our Social media platforms on Twitter @USA_Institute, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts

Host Organization: U.S. Africa Institute

USG Participation: No

Press and Social Media: Twitter: @USA_Institute, and Facebook and LinkedIn accounts

Point of Contact: Dr. Tadios Belay

POC Email: Tbela

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