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Suggestions for Dressing Children in Winter

Winter dress

Both adults and children are especially prone to colds in winter, and a large part of the reason is due to improper dressing. Today, we are going to share with you a guide to dressing young children and common-sense health care that can help parents effectively prevent their children from catching a cold in winter. (Wholesale Kid Clothes

Many parents like to judge whether their children are cold or not by touching their limbs, but in fact, this approach is very one-sided. Because the blood circulation system at the end of the child’s limbs is not fully developed, in many cases, even if the child is wearing a lot of clothes or even sweating, the hands and feet are still cold. Therefore, the correct way to feel the back of the child’s neck, if warm and dry, it means that the clothes are wearing the right.

During the cold season, children should not wear too much clothing. Most parents are afraid of freezing their children and dress them thickly once winter comes. In fact, it is easy for children to get sick when they are overdressed. Because children are generally active, playing around is easy to sweat, and this time if there is a wind blowing, the child is easy to catch a cold. Moreover, wearing too thick will also lead to the body’s heat can not get out, in a short period of time sweating too much will also lead to dehydration.

The principle of winter dressing is to keep your toddler warm and comfortable. Generally speaking, children’s metabolism and heart rate are faster than adults, so children’s body temperature is usually slightly higher than adults, so they can wear as many clothes as adults in winter, or even one less.

Five suggestions for dressing children in the winter.

1, back warmth. Keeping your child’s back “properly warm” can prevent illness and reduce colds. “Proper warmth” is not too warm, otherwise the back sweats a lot, sweat becomes cold and easy to get sick because of the back wet and cold.

2, belly warm. The stomach is the spleen and stomach, keep the temperature of the stomach is also in the protection of the spleen and stomach. Children often spleen and stomach deficiencies, when the cold air directly stimulate the abdomen, the child will stomach pain, thus damaging the spleen and stomach, affecting digestion and absorption.

3, foot warm. The feet are the meeting place of yin and yang meridians, rich in skin nerve endings, is the most sensitive place to the outside world. The child’s feet stay warm to ensure that the body adapts to changes in the external climate.

4, head cold. The child is emitting heat from the body surface, one third of which is emitted by the head, and head heat can easily lead to heartburn and dizziness, or even coma. Doctors believe that the head is the easiest to heat up, and children are sick from the head fever first. Keeping your child’s head cool and feet warm will help your child’s qi and blood circulate smoothly.

5, chest cold. Dressing your child too heavily and bloated will compress the chest and affect normal breathing and heart function. At the same time, it also tends to cause internal heat. The lungs are like two leaves, which are normally stretched out in order to perform the function of exhaling the old and the new. Therefore, the cardiothoracic part of the clothing should not be too heavy, otherwise, there will be a sense of oppression.

Whether it is winter or other weather that may encounter lower temperatures, we can match our children with the right temperature clothes according to the five suggestions above.

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