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South African Consulate Los Angeles Celebrates Women’s Day

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Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Women’s March


TIM, News Report

August 9th, 2016, the South African consulate celebrated the commemoration of the historic 1956 Women’s March in Pretoria on August 9. A day when over 20,000 women protested the ill treatment of the Apartheid system that stripped black people of their dignity. Guests honored this fascinating legacy in the company of the host Consul-General, Danielle de Bruyn Grady, daughter of Sophia Williams-De Bruyn the last living leader of this famous march. An event that would forever shift the paradigm and status for women the march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams.

L-R: Consul-General, Danielle de Bruyn Grady and Consul General of Angola, Martinho Bachi Codo

L-R: Consul-General, Danielle de Bruyn Grady and Consul General of Angola, Martinho Bachi Codo


Commemorating the 60th anniversary of this iconic 1956 Women’s March, Consul-General, Danielle de Bruyn Grady emphasized the roles these women played in shaping the status of women in South Africa today. In attendance were guests from the diplomatic corps including Consul General of Angola, Martinho Bachi Codo, and a representative from the office of Congresswoman Karen Bass, Ms. Jacqueline Hamilton who presented a certificate of recognition in honor of the March on Pretoria. Also present were members of the Los Angeles community including Ms. Paula Newton from the South African Airways, Pastor Kevin Sauls of the Holman United Methodist Church, Mr/Mrs Beltus and Estella Ngwafang of the Cameroonian Inland Empire Association and the Publishers of The Immigrant Magazine, Pamela and Charles Anchang,


The prolific South African born jazz artist Mr. Jonathan Butler serenaded guests to some of his greatest hits.

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