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Where does true wealth begin, in the bank?


Money, Money, MONEY, MONEY! Yes, it is all about the MONEY, do you find yourself thinking this way? I HAVE ARRIVED; I AM HERE; I AM HAPPY; HAVE MADE IT, or so we are led to believe. Our culture is built on individual’s status of wealth, and this symbolism is everywhere. When did money become such a destination?   When did we forget our initial purpose of providing for our basic needs and start focusing on the status of ourselves compared to those around us?

There are no rules of right or wrong in how we approach life, everything is subjective, there are ideal propositions out there and outlooks that seem to produce more ideal results. Abraham Maslow’s phenomenal study on human motivation and personality is still one of the most popular theories in psychology and sociology today, where his hierarchy of human needs: Physiological, safety, love & belonging, esteem and self-actualization are exposed. When we are able to provide for the most basic, then we move on successfully to the next and are able to accomplish the next. Failure to succeed or achieve one level stunts growth in the next, says our competitive society.

In our world, we have the ideal process confused; when did money become so important? Are we starting to impose our mixed up views as ideal fact to the world? For example. FACT: Unless you have diamonds and a flashy lifestyle, you haven’t arrived? Or, Fact, unless you LOOK like you have made it, you haven’t made it?

I have made it and I have arrived, but WHERE I wonder? What is this destination that even when we are happily in love, have a place to live, at least a meal or two a day, people who love our company….somehow , we still live like we are not yet THERE? Where is this PLACE that seems to rob our world today of the sense of accomplishment, unless there is FLASH at the end? Thinking in terms of Maslow’s basic needs is where we refocus our energy and find there is no need to compare ourselves to others, but it is providing to ourselves the basic needs and finding joy in the love, happiness, and family in each step we take.

So, WHAT and WHERE is your DESTINATION? When you think of your personal “I have arrived…” be honest, what are you thinking of? When we are sitting on a goldmine, in terms of love, family, shelter, peace, and safety, with these basic needs met, we then can realize that I have Arrived, I am Here, I am Happy, and I have Made it. Our comparison to others is irrelevant and it is within us we find our path to enrichment.


Mah Mekolle is a speaker,coach and motivational speaker in the USA.Read more from her at


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