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Perfect Year to Move to Canada

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The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) gives the global livability ranking every year and ranks 172 cities from around the globe based on a number of set criteria. The numbers are compiled by following the checklist, and then all the cities are compared to each other, giving the world the top 10 places to live for the year.

The last couple of years has been trying times for many people. Covid-19 lockdowns, a war that could become volatile for the entire globe, and changes in governmental policies and practices have hit home. Through all these worldwide issues, one thing stands out. Canada has three cities in the world’s top ten places to live in 2022. That means there is no better time than now to move to Canada and start a new life in one of the best cities on Earth.

  • Calgary – Tied for 3rd best city in the world.
  • Vancouver – The 5th best city in the world.
  • Toronto – The 8th best city in the world.

There are over 30 criteria that the cities are judged by, but before touching on the main ones, you need to know that there are rules you would need to follow before settling down in one of these three incredible Canadian cities. You should always go through a reputable Canadian Immigration Consultant to ensure you complete the move legally and without any hitches.


  1. Healthcare – Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto have the great healthcare services you would expect from a Canadian city.
  2. Education – All three of these top ten cities have exceptional educational systems.
  3. Infrastructure – A city that does not have public transportation options is hard to get around in. The three Canadian cities on the list have good choices to reduce the amount of private traffic throughout the city.
  4. Stability – All three of these Canadian cities are stable at both the political and economic levels.
  5. Culture – Canada has a wealth of culture, making it an even more desirable spot to live.
  6. Environment – Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto have numerous recreational options. Whether you prefer the city or outdoor fun, both are available.

It can be hard to relocate from the home that you have been in for years. Moving out of the country you call home can be even more complicated. Using a professional consultant that can guide you through all the proper steps is imperative. You do not want to get settled just to find out you missed a step. So, get ahold of an immigration consultant and move to one of the three Canadian cities ranked as the top ten places to live in the world.

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