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ODUWACOIN (OWC) The 1st Valued Competition To Bitcoin Now Available To All

A.D.C. – Oduwa’s Kingdom Increases: Linking to African Decentralized Currency

ODUWACOIN (OWC) The 1st Valued Competition To Bitcoin Now Available To AllMagazine, Making Money, Lu Ngong

There are three things every crypto-currency must have, if not run far away from them, says, James Altucher, author of “CRYPTO-CURRENCIES 101”. They must

  1. Have a limited Supply
  2.  Fit with the crypto-currency philosophy, secure (if James sends money to Joe, Joe gets it first and foremost), decentralized (no geographic borders), anonymous (nobody needs to know) and forgery proof (no “duplicate money” is possible and
  3.  Solve a problem that Bitcoin does not already solve.



OWC has all of the above.

ODUWA Blockchain solutions releases ODUWACOIN a blockchain backed digital currency designed with the same sophistication as Bitcoin totally pier to pier, transparent, open ledger, decentralized secure independent and limited in supply.

“ODUWA, the roadmap to wealth”, a digital currency focused on giving power back to the undeserved and historically colonized communities of the world, is now fully alive.For too long the world has been subject to centralized money management backed by assets we usually cannot locate but we trust however. Blockchain technology has solved that problem and the success of Bitcoin so far has demonstrated that digital crypto-currency is here to stay. There are many Altcoins being created currently but what makes ODUWA unique and special is how simple and brilliant the conception of ODUWA is.

The Co-founder of ODUWA, Bright Enabulele a certified blockchain strategist, developer and investor since 2009 and an international team of blockchain developers sought to bring a Fintech solution to the undeserved financial communities and new comers in crypto-currency.

He and team were greatly worried with the volatility of Bitcoin in 2017 amongst other digital assets. They brainstormed and decided to create a solution to assist with protecting digital assets while also creating new communities of millionaires in digital assets. Their intent is to bring stability in the crypto-currency market gave birth to OWC.

The founders and team of experts designed a blockchain currency with the intention to provide insurance in the likes of an equity-indexed annuity for digital assets. As the project developed OWC currency blockchain was built as an independent financial ecosystem for the community of OWC coin holders. The project has also grown into the creation of a digital exchange like Binance offering asset protection to digital currency within the exchange called ODUWA EXCHANGE This exchange has been completely built and gone through Beta testing and is working on compliance regulation with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and FINRA to meet the legal standards required to protect assets within a global exchange before ignition of service.

Owners of ODUWACOIN (OWC) will be able to trade OWC within the exchange platform without any gas fees, which is a great advantage to them. They will however require gas fees to convert OWC to other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.

The great news today is that everyone wherever the may be on the planet can go to and purchase ODUWACOIN-OWC with other digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc.

This is a great opportunity for people who want to build wealth through digital currency. Join the ODUWA community on Telegram and get up to speed with the project.

WWW.ODUWA.IO still has 17million of the 21million coins created and the supply is going out everyday. If you do not have OWC, buy some now before it is too late or the value becomes too high due to scarcity. ODUWACOIN is scheduled to be on some major exchanges in a few weeks. We recommend highly that you get some before it goes to the exchange. The community is growing daily one coin at a time.

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