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A.D.C. – Oduwa’s Kingdom Increases: Linking to African Decentralized Currency

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ODUWACOIN IS CRYPTOCURRENCY NOT AN ICO TOKENOduwa Blockchain Solutions with a mission to change the world one coin at a time and also making it possible for cryptocurrency to become the cornerstone for the common man in today’s economy designed Oduwa blockchain with a MAINNET. A mainnet is a blockchain that actually carries out the functionality of transferring digital currency from sender to recipients and vice versa.

 This is a very important distinction if you are shopping cryptocurrency and are considering coins that are comprehensive in their use case and must have an independent community and fintech ecosystem.

Oduwacoin is cryptocurrency not an ICO token that is a testnet.

A testnet basically is a test of such transaction functionality. The easiest way to think about it is that a testnet is the prototype that demonstrates the potential capabilities of a project not an end product like Oduwa blockchain that actually executes transfers.

In a nutshell, Oduwacoin is like Bitcoin with full independent functionality as Bitcoin but with more advantages because it is a private permissioned blockchain with more efficiency and privacy in transactions. It grants users access to a trust economy with immutability, fungibility, is tamper proof, and to top it off NO TRANSACTION FEES.

 What a winner for a cryptocurrency!

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency with the aptitude to compete with Bitcoin, look no further; is where you get the coin every crypto buyer should have. ODUWACOIN has the best use case for its community and is built with financial inclusion capability. As Bitcoin surges in value you may want to start building your financial portfolio with ODUWA today while it is still very affordable. Remember the earlier you buy the more likely you can be a big gainer in the long run.

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