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The continent of Africa home to 1.2billion people where the first human being is traced back to is still the most challenged financial continent on planet earth. We all know that if Africa’s wealth was to be measured through the natural resources of gold, diamonds, crude oil, iron ore, copper, the weather, the water, the food and the diversity of people in the continent there would be no richer continent in history than Africa.

However the continent known as the Dark Continent, suffers from lack of power, a bad complex of inferiority, poor medical infrastructure, bad roads, poor governance, dependence on foreign aid, neo colonialism, serious tribalism, lack of economic independence, malaria, Ebola, silly civil wars and many other vices only known to the continent of Africa.

There are many reasons why the continent is not thriving. For many the core reason is how well divided and conquered the continent has been manipulated by colonial powers seeking its resources combined with poor governance.

In the Congo home to where lots of diamonds and koltan the product that makes it possible for us to use cell phones is still suffering from an Ebola outbreak and some of the most inhuman civil crisis ever. The national resources of the Congo are worth more than 34.1trillionUS dollars

The United Nations, USAID, The IMF, The World Bank and many other institutions have been doing their “best” to help Africa but after 50 years of independence from their colonial masters except for Ethiopia that was never colonized due to the strength of the Empire, we see hope.

Ethiopia not surprisingly, is home to the only African international airline company surviving with the sharks of international aviation in the global space. Despite its tremendous national, ethnic, political and hunger crises we still see them come way ahead of many in managing their resources without a small fraction of the natural resources owned by other African nations still suffering from the most cruel mismanagement of their resources still dependent on foreign political, economic and spiritual direction.

Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania and Rwanda are signs that hope is not lost given the socio-economic and political strides they have made in recent years. The dreams of Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Haile Selaisse, Julius, Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, and many other great leaders from the continent are not lost. Africa may have lost its chance to have an independent spirit of its own due to the Berlin Conference of 1884, but with the advent of technology today there is no excuse.

Today information technology has delivered the internet, cell phones, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more reasons for the people of Africa to find common ground but still they suffer from the divided and conquered mentality instilled by the exploiters of the continent and uninspired leadership to say the least. Some Africans use these technological platforms in the most destructive way admissible today. Instead of educating and empowering their people it has become sometimes platforms for the exhibition of some of the vilest atrocities of our time.

Financial independence, growth and control are key to success in any continent, country, and business or family. Africa‘s greatest challenge amongst all others is its lack of financial independence and control. The continent’s financial structure leaves much to be desired in most countries. The banking institutions are not trusted by the people and usually do not have the capacity required to engage in standard international trade and finance and infrastructural development. Most of the banks still depend on their European counterparts to underwrite and broker their transactions. In some of the countries especially the French speaking countries their money is tied to the French colonial system.

Blockchain technology may be the last chance for the people of the continent to forge a way out of their financial crises and regain their power. Oduwa blockchain technology offers the people, not the failed institutions the opportunity to come together as a community of wealth and create value in their numbers through engaging a crypto-currency designed to solve Africa’s financial whores. The oldest Trading Kingdom in the continent of Africa is Benin home to ODUWA “The roadmap to wealth”

ODUWACOIN is Blockchain money which implies that in the ODUWA:

  • trade with one another without third parties is possible
  • no fees for peer to peer transactions
  • there’s no inflation
  • the people can empower each other
  • power is decentralized
  • everyone has power with no hierarchy
  • boundless projects are possible
  • there is trust economy
  • ODUWA can underwrite their infrastructural and industrial projects without waiting for 3rd parties
  • there’s no duplication of money
  • there is easy use of crypto-currency

ODUWA Blockchain is a private permissioned blockchain making it impossible for the owners of the coin to ever lose their money. This financial wind of change may be the most powerful solution for Africa if and only if the people of Africa take advantage of it.

When BITCOIN was launched the world called it a scam because most people did not understand the solution it was bringing to the universe. Bitcoin has been a great solution for Argentina, Zimbabwe and many other countries with financial turmoil. Today one Bitcoin that was 17cents 10 years ago is worth above $6000. Bitcoin is not on a private permissioned blockchain, has fees to move around is also very expensive to buy today.

ODUWA is the same as BITCOIN only 21,000000.00 in total supply but with more advantages than Bitcoin in service and yet still very affordable. If you are thinking of helping yourself build wealth or build wealth with Africa, ODUWA Blockchain is your community of wealth. Go to and sign in for free to open your wallet. Buy your coins and be the solution not the problem for the people of Africa. You can also get with their community on telegram @oduwacoinexchange, engage their bounty program and earn free coins for spreading the word about ODUWA.

African people of all nations are free to own their own currency as a human right. The technology has been made available for people of Africa so Africa’s financial destiny is in their hands through ODUWA Blockchain.


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