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Ms. America Pageant Crowns Athena C. Fleming 2022-23 QUEEN

Ms. America Pageant Crowns Athena C. Fleming 2022 QUEEN

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Last Saturday, October 29, 2022,  the Ms. America pageant crowned Athena C. Fleming its new queen. As the winner, she has her job cut out for her as she follows in the footsteps of many before her who have done outstanding work. Representing Ms. West Coast America 2022, Athena is a native of Southern California, a media relations professional, and a military veteran. This Coast Guard veteran who was once a professional cheerleader with the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew brings to her crown amazing qualities that will definitely impact women and young girls profoundly. ‘Crowning’ it all,  she is a spokeswoman with Dress For Success who created her international campaign, Positively Social, and teaches meaningful interactions through media, volunteer, and community events.

Ms. America Pageant Crowns Athena C. Fleming 2022 QUEEN

Judges and winners. Photo by The Immigrant Magazine

Founded in 1997, the Ms. America 2022 pageant was rich in glamour, and elegance and rich in inspiring stories from each of the twenty-four contestants. The event which took place at the Curtis Theatre in the city of Brea, North Orange County, California, brought women from all works of life and from various states who demonstrated the true meaning of beauty and purpose. Judges had the arduous task of choosing who would best represent the mission of the organization to promote, honor, and advance the status of women, celebrate their accomplishments, encourage involvement in community service, and use the “Crown for a Purpose” to make a difference. 

Ms. America Pageant Crowns Athena C. Fleming 2022 QUEEN

Ms. America 2022. Photo by The Immigrant Magazine

Congratulations to all of this year’s contestants and the New National Title Holders.   Susan Jeske Irvine, CEO  of Ms. America Pageant, her team, and the entire organization deserves much praise for their diligent work empowering women of all races and backgrounds from across the nation. They will all undoubtedly go on to continue to be leaders and change-makers in their communities.

Ms. America Pageant Crowns Athena C. Fleming 2022 QUEEN

Susan Jeske Irvine, & Spouse Mr. Irvine and Ms. America Winners. Photo by The Immigrant Magazine

All her queens are “True Queens With A Purpose”  on a mission “TO EMPOWER WOMEN ACROSS THE NATION”. 

The Immigrant Magazine’s Managing Editor, Pamela Anchang was honored to be one of the judges and in very good company. See Crowning moment:

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