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Korean Media Endorse Hillary Clinton


In an election cycle where senseless behavior and empty promises win praise, Hillary comes as the most “prepared candidate” brining with her reasonable judgment and experience on both the domestic and international front. She understands how government functions. If she is elected president she will be able to start work not only on domestic issues — which is Sanders’ focus — but also on international issues on which Sanders has less experience.

These two Democratic candidates have quite similar goals. However, their strategies for realizing these objectives — such as rebuilding the middle class, reforming health care, expanding college education, and regulating Wall Street, not to mention immigration reform and the legalization of DACA — are different. Sanders, a self-described ‘Democratic Socialist’, is pursuing what he calls a “political revolution” that includes free college education, universal health care, and the break up of giant banks. Clinton is setting a more realistic goal which involves incremental reform.

Sanders’ message on inequality is something with which we can all relate. Though, one wonders how he can procure the enormous amount of political capital to achieve his stated goals. In this political climate where Republicans dominate Congress, it is Clinton’s pragmatic approach that is needed.

Clinton is a candidate whose experience is solidly proven through decades of public life as First Lady, Senator, and then Secretary of State. She has the ability to deal with Trump’s attacks in the General Election.

Clinton, whose presidency will write a new page in the history books as the first woman president of the US, is also the most well-known politician among Korean Americans, and she is the only candidate who can maintain the stable alliance between the Republic of Korea and USA.

Clinton is not the perfect candidate. She needs to overcome many obstacles, like restoring credibility issues caused by the email scandal. However, Clinton can bring her diverse political experience and reasonable judgement to the White House. She will be the best choice for Korean American voters who hope for a pro-immigrant America.

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