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How to Gain Mass In a Healthy Way?


Do you sometimes feel that you are living in a parallel universe, surrounded by people always complaining about being overweight while you would wish to add on a few kilos?  If you are too tired of being skinny or you simply want to gain muscles, then you should read this article.  This blog is for those who might have tried almost everything, and it now seems to be virtually impossible for them to gain mass. All you need to do is strictly stick to a smart diet plan and do regular exercise.

Here are a few tips that will help you to gain gains some extra pounds in a healthy way:

  • Increase your carb intake

If you want to gain mass, then you should start to increase your carbohydrate intake. Potatoes and other starchy foods are a high source of carbohydrates. These food items not only add up to your calorie input but also increase your muscle glycogen stores. Glycogen helps to increase your body weight. You can have baked potatoes and brown rice to increase your daily carb intake.

  • Increase your protein intake

Consuming protein will help your body to gain muscle mass by increasing your calorie intake. The best thing about protein is that it helps in the development of muscles, and if you are looking to bodybuilding, then nothing can be better than protein-rich foods. You can consume protein in the form of food items like meat, eggs, cheese, whey, or simply count on mass gainer protein powders.  One needs to eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight to gain muscle mass.

  • Try to consume gainer supplements

Mass gainer powders are high-calorie supplements that contain protein, carbohydrates, fibres, good fats and other essential nutrients. All these vital ingredients present in gainer supplements are known to support healthy mass gain. You can find a variety of mass gainers that are formulated as per the requirements of different genders. If you are extremely skinny and wish to gain some weight along with muscle mass, then you can go for weight gainers otherwise you can simply count on mass gainers.

You can consume these supplements anytime as you like:

  • In the morning
  • In between meals
  • Before going to bed

Some of the best gainer supplements that you can consider for yourself are:

  • ON (Optimum Nutrition) Serious Mass gainers
  •  Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600
  • MuscleTech Mass-Tech Extreme mass gainer 2000
  • MuscleTech Mass Tech Performance Series
  • Dymatize super mass gainer
  • Dymatize mass gainer
  • Six Pack Nutrition Max Muscle Professional Series
  • INLIFE Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder with Whey Protein
  • MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer
  • Mutant muscle mass gainer
  • Big Muscles Real Mass Gainer
  • Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Mass
  • Big Muscles Quick Mass
  • Big Muscles Lean Gain
  • Tara Nutricare Amino Mass
  • Tara Nutricare Magik Mass
  • MuscleBlaze Gold Gainer XXL
  • MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL
  • MuscleBlaze Bulk Gainer with Creatine
  • MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer PRO with Creapure

Some of the best food items for gaining mass are :

Food Items Protein Carbs Dietary fibres Calories
Quinoa ( Per 100gms) 14 grams 21 grams 2.8 grams 120 calories
Eggs(about two boiled eggs) 12 grams 1.1 grams 0 grams 155 calories
Potatoes( Per 100gms) 2 grams 16.8 grams 1.3 grams 75 calories
Chicken breast (Per 100gms) 31 grams 0 grams 0 grams 165 calories
Milk (100ml) 3.9 grams 5 grams 0 grams 149 calories
Cheese ( Per 100gms) 18 grams 1.3 grams 0 grams 371 calories
Banana ( Per 100gms) 0 grams 23 grams 2.6 grams 72 to 135 calories
Brown rice( Per 100gms) 0 grams 23 grams 1.8 grams 111 calories

Conclusion: Along with a good diet plan, you need to take care of a few more things to gain mass:

  • Do not skip exercise
  • Do not cut any of your meals
  • Say no to aerated drinks and alcohol
  • Stay away from fried and refined food items
  • Say no to sugar
  • Consult a nutritionist and plan your diet accordingly
  • If you have any health problem, then consult your doctor first and then start any meal plan

Follow these simple rules, and you will see a massive change in your physique within a short period.

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