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Arab American Rapper Slams Trump in New Song

Arab American Rapper Slams Trump in New Song

PHOENIX — Rapper Mohamad Tokko, AKA “Yung Tokes”, a Dearborn native dropped a song, accompanied by a music video, as a response to business tycoon and presidential candidate Donald Trump’s bigoted comments.

Following Trump’s controversial plan last year to ban Muslims from entering the United States, Muslims and their allies took to social media condemning his remarks.

Yung Tokes’ song, titled “El Donald Trump”, highlights the frustration many Arab and Muslim Americans endure as a result of a dramatic rise in discrimination against them.

Beginning his song with “Alsalamu alaykom”, an Arabic greeting for “peace be upon you”, Tokko calls Trump a fraud who wishes to scapegoat all Muslims and Arabs for terrorism.

“Tryna slander, defame us/Terrorism ain’t in us/Feelin like we can’t win cuz/Propaganda we witness,” raps the proud Muslim in his song.

Yung Tokes also addressed harassment many Muslims face at airports.

“Like we did something wrong, n they hate what we say/ We just Tryna stay dry in a world full of rain, tho,” sings Tokko.

A study by the Arab American Institute found that favorable attitudes towards Muslims continued to decline from 35 percent in 2010 to 27 percent in 2014. For Arabs, it’s 43 percent in 2010 vs. 32 percent in 2014.
Tokko also said he felt that with the current social issues surrounding Islam, he would use music not only as an outlet, but show the world how an entire religion cannot be blamed for the wrong acts of a small group of people.

Born and raised in Dearborn, Tokko said he became interested in hip hop when he used to freestyle with his friends in his backyard. He moved to Arizona in 2007 to pursue a law degree. He seriously became interested in pursuing a music career when he realized that many attorneys have side passions.

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