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2020 Reader’s Theater Season Presents “In Father We Trust”

2020 Reader's Theater Season Presents “In Father We Trust”
2020 Reader's Theater Season Presents “In Father We Trust”

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June 15, 2020 (LOS Angeles, CA.)–The Leimert Park Vision Theatre Consortium (LPVTC) concludes the 7th Annual Reader’s Theater Season with “In Father We Trust,” a special Father’s Day tribute.This virtual dramatic presentation takes place on Sunday, June 21, at 3:00 PM over The program is co-produced by Maurice Kitchen and Dr. Sandi Sheffey. Mr. Kitchen is also Director of the presentation.

The show is the fourth LPVTC online performance of selected readings during the Corona virus pandemic quarantine. The salute to fathers coincides with the on-going nationwide public protests following the murder of George Floyd, a black father of 5 children. Floyd was killed May 25, by a white Minneapolis, Minn., police officer, who kneeled on his neck for more than 8 minutes. His death was recorded via smart phone by a black 17-year-old female and was broadcast around the world.

“In light of the death of George Floyd and the systematic racism that lead to his death and the deaths of many black men, LPVTC feels it’s important to recognize people whose civil rights are constantly ignoreddespite working and struggling tirelessly to support their families,” said LPVTC founder James Burks.

“We are saluting fathers in the armed forces —especially those who died protecting this country —members of the First Responders; fathers who are incarcerated; and foster fathers as well.”

This special program was written and will be performed by a select group of men and women from South Los Angeles communities.Performances will include essays, poems and short stories that pay tribute to fathers, brothers, grandfathers, step-fathers, cousins, and friends who’ve experienced and shared the pleasure of mentoring children and shaping their young lives for the better.

Burks and LPVTC hope this tribute will boost the image of Black fathers throughout the nation and around the world.The program shines an alternative light on traditional portrayals of black men often seen as brutes, thieves, and thugs in the media, in film and on the news.

“In Father We Trust,” is made possible by LPVTC’s South Los Angeles partners, Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center, Leimert Park Village, Inc., Community Build, the Leimert Park Merchants Association, and the Los Angeles Southwest College Theater Department.For more information, please contact Dr. Sandi Sheffey, 213-234-1717.

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