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Who Is Pamela Asobo Anchang, Founder of The Immigrant Magazine, Radio And TV Host?

Who Is Pamela Asobo Anchang


Pamela Asobo Anchang was born in Cameroon, Africa. Founder and Managing Editor of The Immigrant Magazine since 2003, Pamela is an ardent advocate for humane immigration reform and the movement to restore the misplaced dignity of immigrants. She has been profiled by The Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio (NPR), The Africa Channel, and VOA/Voice Of America. Immigrant organizations, political leaders, immigrant advocates and influencers recognize The Immigrant Magazine as the legitimate inclusive voice for immigrants. Pamela is on a mission to changing the negative perception of immigrants through her work by projecting the voices of marginalized immigrant women and children in the USA as well as profiling immigrant achievers and celebrities. Today Pamela is also creator and host of IMpact With Pamela Anchang on KPFK Pacifica Radio. IMpact is not only a radio show it is also a televised show whose mission is to bridge and bring America together through storytelling and meaningful dialog with one another. The televised version is  distributed on the Immigrant Magazine’s YouTube channel  TIMTV Voice of Immigrants In America. 

Follow Pamela on twitter @pamelaanchang and Instagram @pamelaanchang

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