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True Faces Diversity Campaign: Nini Amerlise, We Are Royals Inc and NA Management Inc. Redefining Beauty Standards Across the Globe

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the media and entertainment industry, the call for diversity has become a rallying cry for change. One individual at the forefront of this transformative movement is Nini Amerlise, a trailblazing mixed-race Canadian supermodel who, just before her 30th milestone, recently received the prestigious Model of the Decade award. With her captivating Cocoa-toned complexion and an unwavering commitment to challenge industry norms, Nini has emerged as a catalyst for reshaping beauty standards.

2023 06 17 Diversity Campaign NA MANAGEMENT 008Nini’s remarkable journey, marked by the adversities of racism and discrimination, led her to the role of Director at NA Management. Beyond her accomplishments on runways and magazine covers, she is spearheading the “True Faces Diversity Campaign,” presented by NA Management Inc and powered by We Are Royals. Collaborating with influential platforms such as African Fashion Week Toronto, Dallas Fashion Week, GT Network, and Vogue Italia, l’official India, the campaign aims to normalize the representation of diverse immigrants in a new country, emphasizing the importance of having access to resources like everyone else and challenging harmful stereotypes prevalent in the industry.

Through the non-profit organization, We Are Royals, Nini leverages the “True Faces Campaign” to bring awareness to actions aimed at reducing the toll of harmful beauty standards in North America and beyond. The campaign serves as a powerful tool in addressing the complex issue comprehensively.

2023 06 17 Diversity Campaign 010We Are Royals, with branches in both North America and Africa, actively engages in various initiatives to promote diversity and redefine beauty standards. Here are key actions undertaken by the organization:

  1. Promoting Safer Digital Spaces: Understanding the impact of online platforms on shaping beauty ideals, We Are Royals actively promotes safer digital spaces. The organization advocates for content that celebrates diversity, fostering a more inclusive online environment.
  2. Mental Health Support Services: Recognizing the mental health implications of appearance-based discrimination, We Are Royals provides support services to those affected. By fostering resilience and well-being, the organization aims to empower individuals, including diverse immigrants, to navigate the challenges posed by harmful beauty standards.
  3. Focusing on Diversity in Advertising: Collaborating with industry partners, We Are Royals advocates for and implements more diverse and inclusive advertising practices. The organization believes that advertising should reflect the real diversity of society, challenging narrow beauty ideals.
  4. Monitoring the Sale of Harmful Products: We Are Royals is vigilant in monitoring and raising awareness about the sale of products that perpetuate harmful beauty standards. The organization actively advocates for responsible and ethical business practices.
  1. Education at Schools to Promote Body Confidence: Actively involved in educational initiatives, We Are Royals partners with schools to promote body confidence. By empowering young individuals, including diverse immigrants, to embrace their uniqueness, the organization works to instill a positive self-image from an early age.
  2. Tax Incentives and Laws to End Appearance-Based Discrimination: Through advocacy and collaboration, We Are Royals works towards influencing policy changes. The organization actively supports the introduction of tax incentives and laws aimed at eradicating appearance-based discrimination.
  3. Social Media Literacy: Recognizing the significant role of social media in shaping perceptions, We Are Royals focuses on promoting social media literacy. By empowering individuals, including diverse immigrants, with the skills to navigate digital spaces critically, the organization aims to counteract the negative impact of harmful beauty standards propagated online.

EYPH0101 Enhanced NA Management IncNot Just Models: Celebrating Featured Creatives

In 2021, NA Management initiated smaller projects with a dedicated focus on diversity, showcasing top models Mahelia Jackson and Cieanna Campbell. Mahelia secured victory as The Face of African Fashion Week that year, proudly signed to the NA Management Inc. roster. Meanwhile, Cieanna Campbell garnered recognition for her distinctive style, being prominently featured in Vogue. The captivating images from this initiative were expertly captured by Jennifer Conley images.

True Faces Diversity Campaign: Nini Amerlise, We Are Royals Inc and NA Management Inc Redefining Beauty Standards Across the Globe

Fast forward to the summer of 2023 and the culmination of efforts materialized in the inaugural True Faces Campaign—a triumphant celebration of diversity. Featuring not only models but also a captivating array of creatives from various demographics and countries. Orchestrated by NA Management Inc. and creatively directed by Nini Amerlise, the campaign showcased renowned creatives, each distinctly selected to highlight a unique feature not commonly celebrated in the media.

Among them were B’kem. N, a 6’5″ multi-award-winning Afro-Christian artist known for his distinctive dreads and now transitioned to natural hairstyles like twists and cornrows; Raven .M, a freckled beauty fashion-commercial model breaking norms; Alpesh. P, An Actor with a medium brown hue complexion representing East Asian appeal;

Elizabeth .S, a Latina Curve model challenging conventional standards; Christian. B, a mixed-race Mexican and Cuban model with a brown honey complexion; Nini A . N, a Canadian supermodel with coily hair, cocoa-hued skin, and roots infused with Ghanaian and Jamaican heritage; Kennen .D, a size 6 model with light-colored hair and European looks, adding harmony to the ensemble; and Qiyu .S, a mature Chinese Canadian Actress & model breaking age barriers.

However, it’s important to note that the True Faces Campaign extended its spotlight beyond models to include creative talents who play pivotal roles behind the scenes and on camera. B’kem, husband of Nini Amerlise and one of the core directors of We Are Royals, actively championed this visionary campaign. As the CEO of Rolling with Kings Records, B’kem brought a unique perspective to the True Faces initiative, embodying diversity not just in front of the camera but also behind the scenes.

The Transformative Touch of True Faces

The transformative touch of makeup, expertly handled by Jae Monique, added an extra layer of vibrancy, while wardrobe stylist Kim Michelle curated looks that celebrated individuality. The True Faces Campaign is not merely a showcase of beauty; it is a powerful statement about embracing diversity and breaking away from traditional beauty norms. The collaboration with We Are Royals Inc. infused the campaign with a deeper purpose — to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the true essence of beauty.

Addressing the Urgency: Harmful Beauty Standards Statistics

In a sobering reality check, harmful beauty ideals have significant consequences. According to a article, upholding these standards cost Americans over $300 billion in 2019. Individuals who experienced appearance-based discrimination endured hardships like weight discrimination (34 million), skin tone discrimination (27 million), and natural hair discrimination (5 million).

Moreover, the alarming statistics in the article titled “The Connection Between Body Image and Eating Disorders” on illustrate the urgency of Nini Amerlise’s mission. Approximately 50% of preadolescent girls and 30% of boys dislike their bodies, and 60% of adult women and 40% of adult men experience negative body image. These numbers underscore the critical need for a more diverse and positive representation in the media to counteract the harmful impact of beauty standards.

As Nini Amerlise’s vision came to life through the lens of Ellen Yang Photography, the True Faces Campaign resonated as a bold and impactful initiative. It sets the stage for a paradigm shift in the fashion and beauty industry, encouraging a more inclusive representation that spans demographics and countries. With NA Management Inc. and Nini Amerlise’s unwavering dedication, the True Faces Campaign became a beacon of change, proving that beauty knows no boundaries.


Production: NA Management Inc Creative Director: Nini Amerlise

Photographer: Ellen Yang photography
Make-up: Jae Monique
Wardrobe stylist: Kim Michelle
Campaign powered by: We Are Royals Inc
Models: Nini. A, B’kem. N, Elizabeth .S, Raven .M, Alpesh. P, Kennen .D, Qiyu .S, Christian . B


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