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ODUWA Crypto-Insurance Calls People to Secure Their Future As OWC Token Crowd Sale is Now Open


For those looking for ways to secure their future and missed the Bitcoin rush in 2017, they now have an excellent opportunity through ODUWA Crypto Coins. The OWC Token Crowd sale is now open for all.

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ODUWA Crypto-Insurance Calls People to Secure Their Future As OWC Token Crowd Sale is Now Open

Los Angeles, CA – January 10, 2018: ODUWA ICO – Crypto Insurance holds the pride of being the first blockchain volatility solution that is designed for cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is also the first secure cloud PBX and decentralized risk management for volatile cryptocurrency which is an added advantage for investors.

Now, ODUWA Coin is open for sale to the general public. Therefore, buying crypto coins with a guaranteed upside potential is an excellent opportunity for people looking for safe ways to secure their future finances.

“ODUWA is a Cryptocurrency developed for insuring cryptocurrencies. ODUWA Crypto-Insurance looks to be the next big thing. Forget the future worries about cryptocurrency volatility and which cryptocurrency is best for you!!!!” ,said the spokesperson for ODUWA Blockchain Solutions while talking about the OWC token sale. ODUWA is merging the financial gap between the Rich and Poor.

Within a five-year period, it is expected that the crypto-economy will cross the 10 trillion-dollar mark and in this journey, ODUWA Cryptocurrency will turn out to be a cornerstone in relations between decentralized economy and future daily life.

This cryptocurrency will create decentralized risk management for digital assets, safeguard the users against cryptocurrency volatility, which is a future possibility of an equity indexed fixed annuity.

This is a massive development in the cryptocurrency industry, and it is bigger than the boom. This is the new Gold Rush of the 21st century.
ODUWA ICO is now open to the general public with attractive payment scenarios and lower lending interest rates. ODUWA has created the future today, and so this is the right time for investors to be a part of this cryptocurrency crowd sale.

The company has announced that, the ICO 21,000,000.00 OWC Tokens will be offered to buyers. This crowd sale that is now open will continue until the end of the time frame or until the project earns 3,150,000.00 USD. The time frame fixed by the company is 90 days. The cost of the cryptocurrency will differ all through the ICO at different stages, starting now only at 15 cents a token.

If any tokens remain unsold at the end of the ICO, they will be burned. Upon their purchase, buyers will get the tokens right away from the company.

For more information and how to be the tokens, go to

About ODUWA Coin
The purpose of this ICO from ODUWA is for the development of OWC Crypto-Insurance. The emission of the tokens will be deployed on Ethereum platform. The company has announced that they will not create any additional token during or after the crowd sale.

Media Contact
Company Name: ODUWA Blockchain Solutions
Contact Name: ODUWA TEAM.

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