DAD’S WAR, A film By Martin Fusi

Two former friends, immigrant African fathers in America become mortal enemies and fight each other using strange methods.

 NINAH’S DOWRY, A film by Victor Viyuoh

Ninah, a runaway wife whose husband finds out that she is pregnant and sets out to recover the bride price that he paid or take home the woman that he owns. By any means necessary.


DAD’S WAR, A film By Martin Fusi

TIM, Entertainment

Cameroonian filmmakers in Los Angeles CA are hosting screenings of their films DAD’S WAR and NINAH’S DOWRY at the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles, October 26th 2014.


DAD’S WAR a film by Martin Fusi is about issues confronting African migrants in America and Europe and deals with cultural schisms between African and American cultures.   Dads’ war is a comedy that will bring laughs to many in all corners of America, Africa and the Caribbean and also immigrant African communities in America and Europe.

 The theme of the displaced African migrant in contemporary western society is one that has not been deeply explored by artists. African migrants started trickling to Europe and America sometime in the mid-1960s. Whatever the reasons for their migration these African migrants, have become permanent residents of their various western countries. Though they mostly still believe that they would return to their countries of origin, most of them have become stalwarts in the country in which they reside.   Though most still dream of returning home they never do.

DAD’S WAR explores these issues and sheds light on the fact that though most still dream of returning home they never do. They do not identity with their new countries and increasingly have become isolated from their original cultures in Africa. They have become like pelicans in the desert. Most of the Africans who came in the 1960s, the 1970s, and the early 1980s have gotten married in the west, and have children who were born in the west and who know little about their parents’ countries of origin except maybe the names they carry.



NINAH’S DOWRY, A film by Victor Viyuoh

NINAH’S DOWRY a film by Victor Viyuoh explores African rural marriages and gender issues. At 20, Ninah is a veteran wife of 7 years and a mother of 3 who is stuck in an abusive relationship with no hope of change. When news of her gravely ill father reaches her, she disobeys her husband’s orders not to go so she could speak her peace to the man who put her in bondage. After her father dies, Ninah refuses to return home and stays instead to run a small restaurant. When news reaches her husband that Ninah is pregnant, he comes to recover the dowry he paid or take home the woman he owns. By any means necessary.


NINAH’S DOWRY, Victor Viyuoh’s debut feature was a recipient of the Global Film Initiative’s production grant. It premiered at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival where it won the Best Film as well as the Best Actress in a Foreign Film awards and many more.


Please relax and enjoy these two great films as you explore the minds and lives of our Africans in the diaspora and explore the intricasies of women and marriage in rural Africa!


Date:      October 26, 2014

Time:      3:00pm

Location: Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

5750 Wilshire Boulevard, 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Admission: On Invitation Only. See RSVP


For additional information, please contact Pamela Anchang at 310-806-5293.

Screenings Sponsors: The Immigrant Magazine Inc., Bubinga Films, Fintu Films and Crane Lake Wines.


DAD’S WAR  trailer.





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