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How To Manage Your Mental Health | Child War-Refugee Dr. MAI-PHƯƠNG Nguyen’s Mental Health Journey

How To Manage Your Mental Health | Child War-Refugee Dr. MAI-PHƯƠNG Nguyen's Mental Health Journey


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Dr. MAI-PHƯƠNG Nguyen a first generation Vietnamese-American physician, minority healthcare refugee rights advocate and a remarkable filmmaker who has also produced multi-media content for mainstream television. Worth noting that as a child war-refugee whose family escaped a Falling Saigon, and also a survivor of PTSD from her experiences as a medical student during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, Dr. Mai-Phuong has battled for over 25 years with depression, anxiety. For these reasons, she has been a vocal mental health advocate and champion—as both physician and patient—with deep personal and professional experiences reconciling the profound challenges of negotiating mental healthcare in a system that oftentimes does not recognize or honor the specific challenges of those who have experienced war, displacement, refugee-immigration, racism, classism, and other -isms.

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