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House Of Chic Brings Upscale Indian Fashion To The US

Contemporary, trendy and Timeless Fashion for All Women!

House Of Chic Brings Upscale Indian Fashion To The US

House Of Chic Brings Upscale Indian Fashion To The US

Los Angeles based pop-up retail House of Chic, presented a fashion extravaganza showcasing their latest designs. Event highlighted designs by Indian-born Jinali Surani and Heena Surani who in an interview with The Immigrant Magazine defined their style as contemporary and not limited to any one specific culture or ethnicity. Fused with Indian flare their style is not only upscale but also classic and trendy. Currently their fashions have been seen around the globe in Dubai, New York, Hongkong and Europe. The goal they say is to take it even further and showcase on the runways of fashion capitals like Paris, and Milan.

Also available for the first time to US buyers, was House of Chic’s in-house accessory line, designed by co-founder Heena Surani. The high fashion and edgy jewelry line, known for its outstanding mark in top Indian fashion and style magazines, had an overwhelming response at Lakme Fashion week held in August in Mumbai.

Jinali Surani

With youth and beauty on her side, Jinali Surani is set to make her mark in the fashion world. Armed with work experience at Diesel India, Vogue and L’Officiel and an innate sense of style, Jinali is the Director and Founder of House of Chic.

In her own words she tells us “ My goal is also to attract the young market with my knowledge in fashion. I do the marketing and Heena does the inspiration and it all comes together very well.”

Heena Surani

With a keen eye for fashion from the tender age of 5, co-founder and jewelry designer Heena Surani, is a style icon in her social circles. A personal shopper to some of LA and New York’s elite, Heena’s trendsetting design style, defines their edgy jewelry, which is already creating a buzz in Indian style and fashion magazines.

Heena shares with us “ I have always had a great love for fashion since a very early age and so I decided to take this passion to the international market.”

About House Of Chic

House of Chic brings upscale Indian fashion to the US. Almost 25 up and coming and well-known designers such as Rahul Mishra, Payal Singhal, Rajat Tangri, Shivani and Naresh, Surily Goel, and Nikhil Thampi will be part of the exclusive event, which will showcase Indo-Western and Indian designs.

For more about how to get these designs visit and like on Facebook at

Photos by Shivani Reddy

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