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Global Pursuit of Positivity with Farahri!

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Only few super stars contribute to the betterment of humanity after gaining tremendous success and fame; Farahri is one of such great people. Shining bright, vivacious Farahri is trying to empower the world with motivational and positive messages that she conveys via her music and she named it as Global Pursuit of Positivity (GPoP). The term GPoP is coined by Farahri herself with the purpose to encourage love and positive thinking towards humanity. No one has ever used musical power better than her before!

The world knows Farahri as the versatile singer having command on multiple musical genres, sounds and languages but she is more than just a singer. She is not merely recognized for her innovative musical blends and twists but this multitalented lady also has multitude of interesting aspects of her life that she shares with her fans via an exclusive interview with TicketsMove. The cheerful and lively Farahri shares about her celebrity crush, her EP, diet plans, and a lot more about her positive personality that you had never known before.

The sexy and exotic diva unfolds her pursuit to create timeless music that people can appreciate in coming years. She has already made her mark as an international pop-star. Farahri is a symbol for innovative style, charismatic charm and positive personality. Her personality is reflection of her ambitions through whom she wants to bring this world together as a better place to live in. She believes in conquering the world by overcoming barriers with a smile and ‘no fear’ attitude. Blazing the trails, Farahri is determined to lead the next generation and become one of the most known artists for her contributions towards music industry and the society alike.

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