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Forget Calling Cards, The Results Are In For The Best App For International Calling

Forget Calling Cards, The Results Are In For The Best App For International Calling

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In the immigrant and international travel world, the ability to communicate is as fundamental as the oxygen that all living creatures need to sustain life. In today’s world, especially with migration for business, vacation, seeking refuge or better opportunities at its apex, sustaining reliable communication is hardly a luxury. As a result of this trend, thousands of tech companies have filled the telecommunications market with products that more often than not, line their pockets and service though lacking in quality is very costly. For the seemingly free apps, the cost to the user is not so obvious and is embedded in their carrier services and even worse the user’s data is collected for down the road financial gain to be sold to marketing firms. It is in this vein that when asked to evaluate the new incomer by a collaboration of immigrant endeavors, The Immigrant Magazine seized the opportunity to research products out there that provide great service, quality and are cost-effective. The ESDIAC Global calling app, an American based app-to-phone system that recently launched, turned out to solve the issues that have plagued international users for years. Interviewing users at random The Immigrant Magazine made some interesting findings, which would be very useful to international callers.

Forget Calling Cards, The Results Are In For The Best App For International CallingA survey by The Immigrant Magazine shows that the recently launched ESDIAC Global App is the preferred calling app for international callers. Almost 100 % of the users who have downloaded the app and used it say it is clearer than not only most calling apps but also competes in clarity with regular carriers. In an interview with its founders the vision is to solve the unreliability in the international calling community and also making calling home not only affordable but also a pleasant experience. Unlike many apps out there that drop calls every 5-10 minutes the ESDIAC Global calling app is uninterruptible by incoming calls as most users experience. Relying on VOIP to make calls, it is not only designed for smart phone users making it accessible for both smart and analog users to receive calls. Other users say unlike most apps that rely on having the app on the receiver’s phone they enjoy its app-to-phone capacity which makes it easy to communicate with relatives in remote or rural areas where the smart phone phenomenon is yet to become common place. Asked about its ease of download, it is a free to download app. For iPhone users they must remember to register the app, accept the verification callback in order to get authenticated. This is not a defect of the platform but rather a requirement by the Apple platform.

Even though still in its soft launch ESDIAC Global calling app is steadily gathering steam currently boasting over 4000 users and available in 465 countries. In conclusion The Immigrant Magazine recommends the ESDIAC Global calling app as a great calling service for all immigrants and international callers.

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