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Black Lives Matter Is NOT A Joke, Pamela Anchang’s Response To Breitbart News And Nestride Yumga

Black Lives Matter Is NOT A Joke, Pamela Anchang’s Response To Breitbart News And Nestride Yumga

Pamela Anchang, Editor and Founder of The Immigrant Magazine responds to DC black resident, Nestride Yumga’s tantrums against Black Lives Matter during protest for justice in memory of George Floyd.

See quote from Breitbart captioned: ‘Black Lives Matter Is a Joke’ — Black D.C. Resident Tells Far-Left Group ‘Go to Chicago’

Have you ever felt  shame  when one of yours does something so horrendous you want to hide, and you cannot? Today was such a day when  I received a video link from the Breitbart TV network today. It was a temper tantrum from a sister from Africa screaming her lungs out at the peaceful protesters in front of the White house. She was blasting the Black lives matter movement,  blasting black people,  calling them racists, lazy and every name she could think of.
I did not want to give her much energy and actually resisted watching. I actually hoped nobody would share the video so it could die. I was too late, as I realized that it had gathered almost 300,000 views and counting and the comments assured me that she had an audience.
I have always believed that “silence is complicity “, so when an  African attorney friend drew my husband’s attention to it and referred to her as being from Cameroon where I am from, and pleaded that we do something about it? In his words, ” there is a Cameroonian woman disgracing us on tv”, I knew I had to say something.

My condolences to George Floyd’s family.

My condolences to all black victims of police brutality.

Deepest gratitude to all African Americans for all they have endured so that a loudmouth like Nestride Yumga can speak on TV, go to school, and claim she is not oppressed.

Apologies for the ignorance she displayed in not educating herself about her African history and the path of the transatlantic slave trade where it is believed that some 12.5 million Africans between the 17th and 19th centuries and the horrendous loss of life. 
The ignorance of Astride Yumga in not recognizing the tools of black oppression through the Systems:

Last to be hired,  first to be fired
It’s next to impossible to build wealth without steady and rewarding employment.

Let us discuss education a little more in depth. If you thought that preschool, at least, was a racism-free zone, well… consider that while black children constitute 18% of preschoolers
suspended than white students, even when their infractions are similar. Overall, black students represent 16% of student enrollment and 27% of students referred to law enforcement. And once black children are in the criminal justice system, they are 18 times more likely than white children to be sentenced as adults.

Reference policing that has led to the death of so many black men and women in some cases and now George Floyd.
Given this, perhaps it should not come as a surprise that even though, as we said, blacks make up 13% of the population, they represent about 40% of the prison population.

HOUSING – mortgage
Studies have shown that people of color are told about and shown fewer homes and apartments than whites. Black ownership is now at an all-time low opens a new window (42%, compared to 72% for whites).

If you’re white, you don’t usually need to worry about being monitored by the police. But the day-to-day reality for African Americans is quite different. More than half of all young black Americans know someone, including themselves, who has been harassed by the police.

African Americans in particular face discrimination in the world of healthcare. A 2012 study found that a majority of doctors have “unconscious racial biases” when it comes to their black patients.
There is too much to be said on this subject matter but I am going to say this, while Astride Yumga may have brought me shame as I thought a well- schooled female like herself with a master’s degree should do her homework before putting herself out there like that I am sadly reminded that she is not alone and I have encountered many like her. While we can’t do much to quell her voice or many who think like her, perhaps we should do as many well-meaning people of all races have suggested which is to not sit on the sidelines but participate in the system that has oppressed all people of African descent all the way from colonialism,  slavery, neo colonialism and now systemic racism. 

The saddest thing about it is that the president she seems to support has actually referred to her origins as, “s-hole”  countries. 

Let me end by saying shame on you for joining forces with ex’-officer Chauvin to kill George Floyd over again even before he is lowered in the grave. You have joined the racists in this country to sanction more brutality and killing of your people. It was disgraceful to see the whites and other races that surrounded you trying to open your eyes as they were there to fight for you! 

Shame on Breitbart for using their platform to foment division among Africans and African Americans who sometimes feel that African immigrants do not appreciate their sacrifices and take away from them.  

That agenda is dead on arrival as we all as black people, people of African descent and all people of diverse races say no to racism,  no to bigotry,  no to xenophobia!

Nestride , you have no right to deny this community their right to mourn, their right to lament their suffering for over 401years or their right to demand justice for their murdered children! How dare you?

Yes, Black Lives Matter for all black deaths but right now,  we are seeking justice for George Floyd. As a black woman and mother, I worry for my children,  my husband,  my brothers, and myself every single day. Your lack of compassion for his children,  his family,  the black community, humanity in general is disturbing, disgusting, and disgraceful! Please don’t be an opportunist exploiting the pain of a family and community for a few minutes of fame.

Like the white lady asked you, ” what are you fighting for” ? Nestride,  please apologize to George Floyd’s family, the  black community and all those diverse people putting their lives out there in protest so that you can be safe and your children can have equal opportunity like everyone else in America!!!

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