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What can you do to help Afghan refugees in your area?

We Should Not Close the Doors

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After the 20-year war in Afghanistan, thousands of US-employed local translators, advisors, and interpreters are in grave danger. With the Taliban’s swift control over Afghanistan, these families are looking for every kind of support against possible violence by the Taliban.

Besides these people affiliated with the US army, hundreds of civilians fear human rights violence, including journalists, women, and religious minorities. The US has opened its doors to these war-torn people. The US military has so far evacuated more than 20,000 Afghans who have reached the US, which Biden has called their home.

To welcome them, as your President did, there are several ways to contribute and have your fair share to help Afghan refugees in your areas.

Staying Informed

If you and your acquaintance are planning to flee Afghanistan or are already in the process, checking out the legal options is very important. Knowing your options and possibilities makes sure that you do the right decision-making for yourself and your loved ones in this crisis. The refugees stay at US military sites in Bahrain, Kuwait, Germany, and Qatar until acquiring the visa.

Providing Housing Facilities

One of the biggest issues for the Afghan refugees in the US is finding a place to live. The newly arrived families need housing to get started with their new life. There are many possibilities that you can utilize to volunteer the housing facilities for Afghan families.

You can use a temporary solution or acquire a service like Airbnb to book a house for the refugees. Reaching out to the local communities helping the Afghan families with housing facilities and money can also be a bright option. You can discover more about it by visiting the Airbnb official website.

Helping as Community

Participate in the local charities aimed at the Afghan refugees in your community. It helps them in their cause as they may be looking for clothing, essential items, and donations. You can visit these databases to find out the local charities in your area.

List of local resettlement agencies by Refugee Council USA

Agencies for Refugees and Immigrants

Helping them Legally

Find the local member of Congress during the August recess in their home districts and urge them to take immediate action for the Afghan refugee’s resettlement program.  You can acquire the assistance of legal aid groups for the resettlement of refugees. These groups offer various services like visas, family reunification, and US Refugees Admission Program.

One such example is the International Refugee Assistance Project which aims for the migrant resettling and legal aid group in the US. They have guidance in various languages for commonly asked questions related to resettlement.

Donating to the Cause

You can find the local donation communities in your area and donate gifts for the Afghan refugees. These gifts can help provide shelter, food, counseling, critical needs, and job training for newly arrived Afghan citizens.

They need hygiene products, kitchen items, family use items, furniture, cleaning products, and food supplies. Donate to the cause and help the refugee families with awareness, money, and your time.

You can donate to the charities across the country like Baitumaal, Church World Services, Catholic Charities, Raices Taxes, International Recuse Committee, and UN Refugee Agency which are helping the Afghan refugees in various ways.

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