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MOMENT OF GRATITUDE: LA Times Publishes Article About The Immigrant Magazine

“Our beautiful America was built by a nation of strangers. From a hundred different places or more, they have poured forth, joining and blending into one might and irresistible tide. The land flourished because it was fed from so many different sources.” President Lyndon Johnson

TIM, The Immigrant Experience

We woke up last Monday morning to a humbling validation from LA Times about the purpose and value of our mission. Our story has been acknowledged and shared through an article in the very prestigious LA Times.


This nation is ours and our contributions make this country. This is most likely the only country in the world where a migrant can come to and if provided a pathway to citizenship have access to opportunity beyond imagination through hard work, participation and discipline. Today we have a President the son of an African immigrant. Join the movement and be inclusive of every human being in this nation and continue to build on the dreams of its great founders and leaders.


We thank the LA Times for validating our work and are humbled and honored beyond measure.

Please read our story on this link at LA TIMES and share with your friends and networks.

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