IM Media Marketing Guidelines

IM Media offers a variety of marketing options tailored to your specific needs and budget. We can help you achieve your advertising objectives, offering a wide variety of media formats and grassroots options to help you strengthen brand awareness and ultimately yield a high ROI.

Whether it’s our standard digital marketing options or grassroots efforts or combination of options IM Media is the place to help you create a compelling and rich AD experience for consumers.



  • Video Profile
  • A well-executed video profile is a great way to convey your message and brand to your customers. The Immigrant Magazine will not only create a beautiful and effective message that celebrates your business or personal accomplishment but will also make sure that your story reaches its target audience. It is essential that you stand out in the massive world of digital entertainment by customizing and directing the message in a way that your target customers understand. We will get your story out by amplifying our optimization tools for maximum ROI.




  • Online Advertising & Social Media Marketing
  • IM Media  is a portal for immigrants in the USA and the global community from Europe, Africa, and Asia, N.America the Middle East etc. seeking news and information relative to their needs and interests. Further broken into ethnic dichotomies it provides content tailored to specific ethnic communities, which has been a draw and hub for marketing to specific demographics.

Social Media Management Includes 

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Monthly Reports & Analysis
  • Highly targeted ad campaignPage/Profile OptimizationDaily Content Updates

Website Display Advertising Positions

Leaderboard (728×90 pixels)+ weekly newsletter announcement or banner

One leaderboard (728×90 pixels) appears at the top of each page, the most visible position for graphics and messaging.

Type of AD/Location Size
Leader-board Top Tier 728×90
Leader-board Lower Tier 728×90


Rectangle (300×250 pixels)+ weekly newsletter announcement or banner

Medium rectangles (300×250) pixels), which have prominent placement in the right column of each page, offer advertisers substantial display space for graphics and messaging.

Type of Ad/Location Size
Medium Rectangle Top Tier 300×250 pixels
Medium Rectangle Lower Tier 300×250 pixels


The most effective digital marketing takes a look at the big picture in addition to individual touch points like tweets and videos. We take a deep dive into your long-term online strategy to determine the best way to grow your audience and convert them into loyal brand enthusiasts.

Social media is one of the best methods to grow and communicate with your audience on a daily basis. We focus on the key platforms where your fans are active and constantly assess the data to drive real results.

  • Grassroots/Influencer Outreach
  • The Immigrant Magazine Grassroots, Public Relations & Branding form an intricate aspect of our marketing efforts. Whether you’re just starting to explore the Internet and social media networks as a way to expand your engagement efforts or you want to take the next step, The Immigrant Magazine’s Grassroots Enterprise can help you.

The style of interaction effective for as successful campaign is collaborative, social and consultative. We shall apply the strategies below:

  • One on one communications (word of mouth):
    Plan schedule and attend meetings with organizations and leaders of communities.
  • Relationship-building with community-based influencers: Reaching out to targeted local community group leaders and ethnic cultural organizations to present our clients and the opportunities they have to offer.
  • Community college approach: Coordinate with college student bodies and campus management to share our client’s product or career opportunities in the case of recruitment.
  • Community value approach/Event Marketing: We will create and execute local events that promote clients’ efforts, showcase opportunities and encourage engagement campaigns in a supportive community setting. Also partnering with local events within these target communities is a sure way to brand and represent the client to a skeptical market that will become the best and loyal customers. We will employ:
    • Events Placements
    • Flyer distribution on behalf of client
    • Referrals
    • Attendance and participation at local events and collaborations with event producers.