How Film Director Adriana Ledesma, Found Her American Dream

Adriana Ledesma

Mexican film fusion

Born in Mexico, Adriana Ledesma has always been in love with films. It’s in her blood, the rush, and the excitement that comes while being a storyteller. So when the opportunity came to fully explore that love she held on to it and followed it all the way to Los Angeles, California in the U.S.A. A whole new world with challenges but with it came the chance to do more than she had ever imagined. “I’ve always been fascinated about “the made of”, either a product, a machine, a process, film. I decided to do films so I moved to LA to learn how to do it properly.”

How Film Director Adriana Ledesma, Found Her American Dream

Set life in the U.S

After two years living and working in another country, Adriana says she is proud to have found her groove, especially with the type of atmosphere she creates on her sets. “First of all, it is always full of respect to each other. I tend to work with people from around the globe, so every single person is treated equally, with the best.”

Planning is also key to ensuring a smooth and friendly environment, so Adriana is cautious even though she knows unexpected things can happen. “I try to avoid disasters as much as possible and do everything that’s in our hands, so while being on set, everybody can be focused and give their best”.

That ‘best’ is translated to the type of stories she is able to tell. “I focus a lot on what’s happening in the world, with society. I like to take true stories or true events of what I observe or I learned happened at some point in history and convert them into a story that people will see.

She says she likes audiences to have a moment of distraction from their lives, from their routine, to enjoy something different, but at the same time, pay attention, to take something with them, and explore more.

How Film Director Adriana Ledesma, Found Her American Dream

Adriana Ledesma

Her style
She uses her voice to create compelling stories to reach to her audience.

“There is a certain finesse that comes from a work completed by Adriana that is not common in young female directors. She not only has an eye for detail but she tells a story so strongly from the perspective of the character that the audience feels as if they are living through the character. It’s wonderful.” Sherando Cupid, producer of one of Adry’s films shares.

She has an amazing talent while directing films. We are pretty sure that the way she portrays her vision, her creativity to communicate the message, her dedication and attitude is definitely going to take her to unimaginable places.

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