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How You Can Help Haitian Refugees?

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It can’t be said enough that Haiti is badly in need of a break from warring gangs and natural disasters. After suffering a devastating presidential assassination,  an August earthquake claimed the lives of thousands of people and left thousands more homeless. Currently, a large number of Haitians fleeing these miserable conditions are seeking asylum in the US. 

Living in miserable conditions under a bridge near the Texas-Mexico Border, some say that the refugees present at the border, are in the thousands to the tune of  15,000. Many have argued that while refugees from Afghanistan have been treated deservedly well, the Haitians have been served rather with the threat of deportation. Many of them have either been relocated or sent back to their home country via deportation flights. The remaining at the border are living under very poor and harsh circumstances with no food, shelter, or even clothes include children, women, and elderly people among them who need extra care. 

Making things worse, the camp where they have been housed not only lacks food and water is also literally a dump filled with trash and garbage piled more than 10 feet wide. Living in such inhumane conditions not only puts the physical health of these refugees at serious risk, but the inmates of the camp also face uncertainty — whether they will be allowed to enter the US and then be deported to Haiti, or will they have to return to Mexico.  

Photos and video clips coming from the camp portray a very disturbing picture; some of the refugees are abandoning their minors and maltreatment from federal authorities. These scenes show that Haitian refugees are being expelled in an inhumane manner and many people are beginning to voice concern over the situation. 

Taking into account the concerns shown by people, we have compiled a guide to help those who want to help the Haitian refugees. Read on to learn about the ways you can lend your hand to these people in need. 

Volunteer or Donate

One of the most impactful ways of helping Haitian refugees is to donate or volunteer with organizations that are working with these refugees on the ground. Other ways are neither compatible nor impactful as the federal authorities are strictly monitoring the border and public movement is barred within this vicinity.  

This list includes all the major local organizations working with Haitian refugees. You can either volunteer for and donate to them if you want to help the refugees. 

Houston Haitians United (HHU): It’s a non-profit organization serving the Haitian community in Houston. Currently, HHU needs volunteer nurses, cooks, barbers, and Haitian Creole translators on a voluntary basis. You can also contact HHU via its official website or social media to know about any specific voluntary opportunity. You can also donate to HHU only if you are not based in Housten. 

Black Freedom Factory (BFF): It’s a San Antonio, Texas, organization that provides food and other supplies to the Haitian refugees with the support of the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition. You can donate to BFF as the organization needs water, non-perishable food items, blankets, socks, towels, undergarments, diapers, and menstrual & hygiene products. 

Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA): It’s a group of Haitian and Haitian-Amerian advocates that are providing humanitarian assistance to these refugees who have suffered torture, discrimination, and related human rights abuses. HBA calls for donations to help Haitian refugees feed, clothe, transport, and shelter. 

There are also several international organizations that serve the Haitian refugees. The list includes UNICEF USA, Guybert Ovide International Fund for Higher Education, Global Giving, GoFundMe, World Central Kitchen, Food for the Poor, and Mercy Corps. You can donate or volunteer with them to play your part in serving these crisis-hit refugees.  

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