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How to Pull Off a Great Cosplay


Cosplay is a hobby for many young people these days, so how can you capture a beautiful cosplay on film, and what do you need to pay attention to when shooting cosplay?

You need to be prepared for the following.

1. a set of makeup or a makeup artist (remember to find an experienced one)

2. cosplay costumes

3. photoshop or find your own post-production

Identify the topic.

First decide which anime you want to shoot, or which character you want to play, and all post-production work is based on that character (costumes, makeup, etc.).

Familiarize yourself with the character.

Familiarize yourself with the character you’re going to produce, take notes on his/her expressions, movements, eyes, and other personas. It’s a good idea to take screenshots and then practice his or her expressions in front of a mirror, and then carefully write a copy, or have someone else do it.

Purchase the appropriate clothing.

If you have the ability to make your own clothes, you can also try it out, or you can ask a cosplay manufacturer to make them for you. Remember to buy a good costume from a cosplay store, and I recommend Cosplaylab.

Picking a Scene.

Depending on the character you choose, pick the right scene for that character, whether to shoot indoors or outdoors? For example, a student type character can choose a classroom, playground, etc.


Makeup is a very important step to make your face more closely resemble the character. If possible, I recommend that you arrive at the location before you start applying your makeup, as the premature application of makeup may result in the makeup falling off.

Be careful with your camera and lens selection when shooting.

Of course this may be the photographer’s job, but you can also ask questions about cameras and lenses when you are looking for a photographer. The best camera to use is a DSLR. Try to choose a full-frame camera, because cosplay photos may also need to be printed later, and a large frame will print better. If the scene you’re shooting needs to be large, you can use a wide-angle lens to try it out. Of course, if you’re a perfectionist, a fixed focal length lens will give you better image quality, but you’ll be tired (because you’ll need to keep moving while you’re shooting). Be careful of camera reflections in sunny areas.

Finding a Logistics.

Trust me, this is important. The logistics are simple, generally speaking, helping the cosplayer carry stuff, arranging costumes during the shoot, etc. However, during the shoot, especially if it’s just the cosplayer and the photographer, the logistics are very important. However, during a shoot, especially if it’s just the cosplayer and the cameraman, logistics is important.

Post-processing depending on the character.

After the photo is taken, post-processing the photo according to the character you are playing, such as adding wings, creating a surreal background, etc. (What the character looks like is a good reference for post-processing). (Whenever possible, post-process the photo with reference to the character you are playing)

One last thing to remind you: don’t forget to add a watermark when the final image is published, and add as much as you can without ruining the image.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a great cosplay piece, and it takes a lot of time. So, when you see a great cosplay, don’t be stingy with your compliments, cosplayers will be more satisfied with your approval. If you’re looking for a cosplay costume, then Cosplaylab is what you’re looking for, and at Cosplaylab you can find the product you want.

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